Martin’s Potato Rolls!

Roll Out a New Tradition with Martin’s Potato Rolls!

Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe is the home of Martin’s Potato Rolls – a Home.Grown small company with a big story. This multigenerational family business, based in Chambersburg, PA, was started in 1955. Now, it has become the international distributor of their unique golden potato rolls and breads. The family business has grown from a bakery in a garage to a company with multiple bakery sites and its own distribution company – the American dream, built generation by generation. On their website you can find the proud stories of their own and their business family – individuals that have worked 30 years or more moving the business forward, inventing machines and collectively creating their own future.

The tender, golden rolls and breads are fluffy and right-sized for anything you want to enjoy – like sandwiches, sliders, or snacks.  The 100% whole wheat potato rolls and bread are a great alternative. Get creative with burgers, pulled chicken or pork, breakfast, lunch or dinner! They are also versatile – if you actually have leftover rolls, (you might have to buy 2 packages for that to happen!), they make a great base for a sweet or savory bread pudding or croutons.

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