Kerrygold Cheese for St. Patrick’s Day!

ParchmentGroup Whether you’re having a St. Patrick’s Day gathering or you just want to celebrate the day with some cultural food, we have the perfect Irish cheeses available for you!  Try any of the varieties below and save on Kerrygold products with an e-Coupon! All Kerrygold products are imported from Ireland and made from milk of grass-fed cows that graze the lush green pastures. The Skellig variety is a true sweet cheddar- full flavor throughout, it’s savory and has a sweet almost butterscotch undertone.  Perfect for cheeseboards, pairing with your favorite red wine or cooking with it! The classic Dubliner is the perfect combination of parmesean and cheddar….sharp,Dubliner Final sweet and nutty!  The Blarney Castle variety is a true historic cheese.  It’s produced using the same hills and streams from over 600 years ago.  It’s very similar to a gouda, mild and creamy and offering your palet a rich flavor throughout.  Enjoy with grapes or with a beautiful fruity white wine. The Kerrygold swiss is sweet and nutts, full of flavor and enjoyment with every bite!  Last but not least, the cheddar reserve is intense and far from the norm.  It’s aged for 2 years and still its flavor is rich and smooth.

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