At Last It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

kevinstpatsWritten by Kevin Schulke

Category Manager of Beer, Wine and Salty Snacks The routine has been relentless and unmistakable… began 5 months ago and it has droned on, first there was the cold…then the snow…then even more cold and even deeper snow… has gone on and on and on. But wait what is that upon our horizon? It is coming soon and it is St Patrick’s Day, it is a warming beacon near the end of a long, hard winters run now let’s get ready for some fun.  First the list; Corned Beef, check; potatoes, carrots, cabbage, check; Beer, no….let’s do this correctly please, Irish Beer, DOUBLE CHECK! Let me list some selections to help you make your choice.
From CoPintStoutrk Ireland, and 1st brewed in 1856 Murphy’s Irish Stout, it is smooth and creamy with a slightly roasted flavor. It is known as a less bitter stout. It is sold in a Pint can and after pouring it gently into your glass don’t forget to stop and admire its color change before enjoying your first sip. Harp Lager– For a beer, it is a relative youngster born in Dublin, Ireland in 1960. The name is truly HarpPintfitting as this beer is music to your taste buds. At first glance you’ll take note of the brilliant golden color and at first taste you’ll note a dry malty front that gives way to a crisp, dry hoppy finish. Try it and you’ll be hoppy too! SmithwicksPint (2)Smithwick’s Ale (pronounced Smit-icks, simply forget the w)- A true veteran beer born in 1710 in Kilkenny, Ireland. Pour it into a Tulip Pint Glass and you’ll note the creamy off white head. One sniff reveals a light caramel with orange marmalade and a gentle smokiness. One sip will yield a fruity, spicy, malty taste that is also refreshing and clean in the finish. Guinness Draught – A dry Irish Stout also from Dublin, dating back to 1759. It looks black, but upon closer examination it’s actually a deep ruby red with a creamy white collar made up of some of the tiniesGuinnessPint (2)t bubbles imaginable, as you pour you can watch the bubbles racing up the inside of the glass anxious to gulp a bit of fresh air. You’ll note malt and caramel flavors in a complex light bodied yet full flavored smooth and creamy taste; it is perfectly balanced so no one flavor predominates with a very clean finish that begs for more. You can purchase this in bottles or pint size cans (I prefer the cans myself). Now here is where we can become creative, take a Tulip Pint Glass and fill it half way with Harp Lager, then take your Guinness Draught and pour it gently into the glass (over the back of a spoon) to fill and you will have poured a Half and Half. Or you can fill the glass to the halfway point with Smithwick’s and complete with the gentle pour of Guinness Draught and you have poured a Blacksmith. For me and I hope for you also, St Patrick’s is a day where no matter your own heritage we all become Irish for the Day. I think a small part of that happen is the genuine Irish Beer. Now to help you enjoy the holiday even more all of the leading Irish Beers are on sale at your local Price Chopper, Happy St Patrick’s Day and please remember to celebrate responsibly!

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