June’s Hot Sauce of the Month: Horseshoe Brand Hot Barbecue Sauce

Hot sauce junkies, heat connoisseurs and spiciness fanatics: We’re comin’ in hot with our next monthly feature. Warm weather is finally here to stay, but we’ve been staying hot all year with our served-fresh Hot Sauce of the Month features!

Each month we’re bringing you fresh stories on a different sauce brand, sharing some flavor insights, stories behind the brands and more. Travel with us on an adventure consisting of varying degrees of heat each month!

June’s Feature: Horseshoe Hot Barbecue Sauce!

Hot sauce doesn’t have to be just hot sauce. Have you tried hot BARBECUE sauce? We’re big fans.

Rhinebeck NY’s Horseshoe Brand set out on their heat journey originally to craft unique hot sauces. After perfecting traditional hot sauce, they expanded their horizons into varying degrees of heat with unique flavor profiles like Kiwi Jalapeno. After they became a well-known player in the hot sauce game, they expanded their horizons even further and introduced their Barbecue and Hot Barbecue Sauce to the world, and we couldn’t wait to begin offering it to our shoppers!

What’s Horseshoe Brand’s big differentiator in their Barbecue sauces? No added smoke. The sauces are all natural, hand-crafted and produced here in the Northeast in New York’s Hudson Valley. And, something at the top of their priority list: creating a perfect blend of heat and flavor in all of their products. If you’re a hot sauce addict but haven’t thought much about spicy BBQ sauce, give Horseshoe Brand’s sauce a try. We’re fairly certain you’ll be hooked like we are!

Learn more about Horseshoe and view heat-friendly recipes at horseshoebrand.com.

Turn up the BBQ heat with Horseshoe Brand this month, and tune in next month for our July Hot Sauce of the Month!

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