Jonathan’s Sprouts

Jonathans Sprouts Looking for a new way to eat healthy, but enjoy great flavor and tastes all at the same time? Consider Jonathan’s Sprouts. Since 1976, Jonathan’s has been at the forefront of the sprout industry. Working closely with the FDA since the 1990’s, the company has been focused on developing and implementing safe growing protocols. Many aren’t aware of the great benefits of sprouts. They can be added to almost any recipe, making every dish healthier and greener. However, sprouts are more than just a healthy option, they are also great for adding an extra kick of flavor and freshness to your meal. Don’t believe us? Drop a handful of bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts on your turkey sandwich and your doubt will disappear! If it’s grown here, we get it from here: we are proud to team up with Jonathan’s Sprouts in Eastern Massachusetts, and other local sprout growers like them! At their farm in Rochester, MA, the Jonathan’s team grows a number of different sprouts ranging from broccoli sprouts to pea sprouts, and many more. They even have a secret ingredient to make their product such a success, pure, clean water! Interested in giving Jonathan’s a try? Check out their recipe page below for new ways to enhance your food with sprouts!

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