Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub
Director In-Store Marketing Programs


imagesTurn treat time into play time with NEW Beggin’ Party PoppersTM now available at Price Chopper!

New Beggin’ Party PoppersTM Beggin’ – wrapped cheese flavored cubes you pop off a rubber pig’s nose – which sends your dog flying after them!  New Beggin’ Party PoppersTM come in a canister with a pink pig’s head.  When the treats are gone, just pick up a refill pouch.

Look for Beggin’ Party PoppersTM in the Dog Treats aisle at Price Chopper today!


                Black tea meets green tea in Tetley’s new flavor enhancing blend.  Tetley has a new blend of tea that combines black tea and green tea in the same bag.  The blend, which offers the combined antioxidant strength of both teas, was created for a smoother taste with the black tea making up most o the blend and cutting the bitterness usually associated with green tea.

Black tea and green tea both come from the same plant.  The difference is in how they are processed.  Green tea is steamed or heated to ensure that it won’t oxidize or “ferment”, while black teas are fully oxidized or “fermented”.

Research has shown that both black tea and green tea are high in disease-fighting antioxidants and have significant health benefits.  Don’t you deserve the best of both?

Look for Tetley Black & Green Tea in the Tea aisle.

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