Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs July 2, 2017


Introducing Meow Mix Simple Serving Wet Cat Food from the Smucker’s Pet Company -Delicious Tasting – Real Poultry or Seafood Recipes -High Quality Real Meat or Fish Shreds -Pre-Portioned Single Serve Containers -Convenient Easy-To-Open Mess-Free CupsMeow Mix For over 40 years Meow Mix has been making the most of mealtimes by giving cats the irresistible tastes they love and the wholesome nutrition that they need. Meow Mix understands the special bond you and your cat share.  They believe mealtime is a special moment between you and your cat and a chance to show how much you care. New Meow Mix Simple Servings offers portions of delicious wet cat food in specially designed mess-free cups. Look for all varieties of Meow Mix Simple Servings in the Pet Food aisle.    

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