Jane's New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs CENTRAL MARKET CLASSICS TWICE BAKED POTATOES Introducing two new delicious items found in the Custom Cut Meat Department at Price Chopper! Stop by and try our new Bacon Cheddar or Triple Cheese Flavored Twice Baked Potatoes.  Our flavorful Bacon Cheddar Twice Baked Potato is loaded with real sour cream, cheese, butter and bacon.  For the cheese lover, our Triple Cheese Twice Baked Potato is filled with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and other flavors making it absolutely irrestible. Twice Baked Potatoes pair well when served with any cut of Beef, Pork or Chicken.  They are easy to prepare at home-microwave, bake or even grill our Twice Baked Potatoes.  Weighing eight ounces each, these Idaho spuds will satisfy any appetite. With Fall in the air, Twice Baked Potatoes are sure to be a hit on any dinner table! CRISPY CHOCOLATE CHIP and BURST COOKIES Price Chopper In-Store Bakery proudly introduces two new cookie varieties! Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies: Made from farm fresh butter, this All Natural zero trans fat crispy cookie is loaded with decadent chocolate chips.  It is perfectly thin and delightfully crispy.  Consumers who prefer cookies with a crunch absolutely love these crispy cookies.  They’re so good, you’d think Grandma baked them! Burst Cookies: If you are looking to stimulate your senses, try our new zero trans fat Burst cookies.  We have carefully balanced our great tasting cookie dough and delicious fillings to create the ultimate consumer treat!  Enjoy the Burst of flavor in every bite. Look for Crispy Chocolate Chip and Burst cookies in the Bakery Department.

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