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Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs December 13, 2015

PROGRESSO COOKING STOCKProgresso cooking stock

At Progresso, their kitchens have embraced a vibrant way of living and eating for over 100 years. And now, Progresso introduces a new way to bring flavor to any dish – introducing Progresso Cooking Stocks.  Progresso Cooking Stocks are gently simmered with real bones, bright vegetables and aromatic herbs to create stocks that are rich and deeply layered. Progresso Cooking Stocks come in Chicken Stock, Unsalted Chicken and Vegetable varieties.  Add a savory dimension to bring the flavors of your cooking to life. Look for Progresso Cooking Stocks in the Soup aisle – Broths and Stocks section – and add flavor to your next meal.  


Sabra veggie dipSabra’s all-natural Greek Yogurt dip has 67% fewer calories and 88% less fat than the leading sour cream dips.  Gluten Free, it is composed of 100% farm-fresh vegetables. Tzatziki is one of the world’s most favorite dips.  Sabra makes theirs with ingredients like cucumber, garlic, milk and dill. Farmer’s Ranch is a fresh take on America’s favorite bottled dressing and dip with 60% fewer calories and 75% less fat per serving compared to the leading ranch dips.  A delicious and better for you dressing or snacking choice. So dip right in with your favorite veggies, grab a friend and share the experience.  Fresh, crisp, delicious – what’s not to love? Look for Sabra Veggie Dips in the Deli Department.

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