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Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs October 18, 2015


Introducing NEW Welch’s Fruit & Botanical flavored juice beverage.  Extraordinary refreshment, anytime! Welch’s Fruit & Botanical is a unique juice beverage blended with flavorful botanical ingredients.  The result?  Crisp, lively refreshment that cools to the core. Made with real fruit juice No high fructose corn syrup No artificial sweeteners No artificial flavors No preservatives Available in three uniquely refreshing varieties: Raspberry Hibiscus: The subtle flavor of hibiscus adds a hint of refreshing citrus notes to the fresh-picked taste of raspberries for a light, crisp finish.Welch's RaspberryHibiscus1300x1300 Welch's CucumberWatermelon1300x1300Cucumber Watermelon: The subtle flavors of sweet juicy watermelon and crisp cool cucumber pair perfectly for a Welch's StrawberryBlossom1300x1300light and lively lift in every sip. Strawberry Blossom: The subtle elderflower blossom flavor adds a cool, refreshing accent to the sweet taste of ripe strawberries for a crisp aromatic finish with berry undertones. There’s no reason not to fall madly in love with every delicious sip! Look for Welch’s Fruit & Botanical in the Dairy aisle.


Ziploc delivers unbeatable food storage protection, but also helps consumers organize and gain control over the chaos of life! Snacks, supplies, leftovers, laundry piles, puzzle pieces, presents and messes come in all shapes and sizes.  Thankfully, Ziploc has everything you need to contain it – whatever “it” is. Ziploc continues to bring new innovation to the category!  The new Easy Open Tabs make the bag easier to open while continuing to provide superior protection. Ziploc is the only brand to offer total storage solutions: Zipper bags, Pinch N Seal bags, Containers, Oversized Storage, Cooking Bags and Organized Living! Maximize fun and minimize mess with everyday food ideas, tips for the family, DIY for the home and ways to host events you guests will love. Look for Ziploc Mega-Pack in the Storage aisle.Ziploc mega pack

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