Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs October 11, 2015


Start your day off right with the delicious taste of Hickory and Applewood Smoked Jimmy Dean Premium Bacon.Jimmy Bean premium bacon For over forty years, families continue to enjoy the great taste of Jimmy Dean products.  From breakfast sandwiches to breakfast bowls, the brand continues to help people start their day right.  As Jimmy Dean said in their first company slogan, “Have a good breakfast, have a good day.” Jimmy Dean Premium Bacon is now available in two flavors, Hickory Smoked and Applewood Smoked.  Both flavors deliver great taste and consistent quality that you have come to expect from the Jimmy Dean brand. Create an elevated bacon experience with a slightly thicker slice and bolder smoke flavor.  Find Jimmy Dean Premium Bacon in the refrigerated Bacon section of the Meat Department.


Mid’s Pasta Sauce is wonderfully crafted in small batches and open kettles to create the freshest, best tasting pasta sauce.  The sauces are simmered for 4 hours to achieve an undeniable homemade taste. Mid’s in a Sicilian recipe, which means it is thicker and slightly sweeter than most sauces. Additionally, Mid’s buys fresh sausage and beef and adds 12 oz. per jar! Available in four delicious varieties:    Meat, Tomato Basil, Italian Sausage, Meatless mids_jars

Great taste – great value!  Look for Mid’s Pasta Sauce in the Pasta Sauce aisle.

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