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Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

BON APPETIT PIZZABonappetit pizza

In the rush of daily life, who doesn’t resort to just putting food on the table?  But mealtime was meant to be so much more – a time to reconnect, to give appreciation and to savor what’s good in life. That’s why BON APPETIT Pizza was created.  BON APPETIT Pizza is an exceptional pizza crafted with a thin artisan crust and topped with carefully selected flavorful ingredients like whole slices of mozzarella and halved cherry tomatoes. With the first delicious bite, you’ll know you’ve found something special.  Three great new varieties include: Mozzarella & Pesto, Spinaci and Pepperoni & Pesto.  BON APPETIT Pizzas are crafted for people who appreciate fine food.  The thin flaky buttery made-from-scratch crust and premium toppings make this a perfect meal to share. Find all three varieties of BON APPETIT pizzas in the Frozen Pizza section.  With the first delicious bite, you’ll know you’ve found something special!  Here’s to a great meal worth lingering over.  Bon Appetit!  Enjoy your meal.


PF Garlic mozz micro breadPepperidge Farm Microwavable Garlic Bread has taken a bite out of the ‘Time Crunch’ of cooking everyday meals for the family! Utilizing QuiltWave technology to inflate and channel moisture away from the bread while cooking creates delicious garlic bread in under four minutes!  Perfect for quick weekday meals! Pepperidge Farm new Microwavable Garlic Breads are available in Traditional Garlic or with Mozzarella, both flavors are prepared in less than four minutes in the microwave and are perfect complements to any meal!  The QuiltWave Technology browns, crisps and evenly cooks the Garlic Bread in a fraction of the time of traditional breads. Look for both varieties in the Frozen Food aisle with the other Frozen Garlic Bread offerings.

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