Italian Tonight?

Italian Tonight?

As the weather cools down and you begin to feel a chill in the air, a home-cooked Italian meal is the perfect way to warm up. When it comes to Italian we certainly aren’t picky, whether it be starting from scratch cooking sauce all day, or opening your favorite jar of sauce, we have all of your necessities. We love all types of Italian meals and we’re excited to spend time celebrating this delicious cuisine with you!

Looking for some ideas for Italian inspiration? Start by bringing home big Italian flavor with Contadina® Tomato products and new Contadina® Pizzettas! For 100 years, Contadina has produced tomatoes that hold the standard of Italy, using fresh vine-ripened tomatoes that are grown with care.

Fresh from the sun-kissed fields of Italy, Mutti tomatoes are Italy’s #1 brand for a reason. Many years ago, Mutti decided to focus all of their efforts on tomatoes, rather than having many different good products, they have now have one excellent product. With a true respect for the tomatoes and nature in their fields, Mutti has thrived in bringing the highest-quality tomatoes from their land to your kitchen table.

Casaro Cheesemakers are true artisans, handcrafting the highest quality Italian specialty cheeses since 1929. Enjoy Casaro’s 1lb Fresh Mozzarella produced locally in our hometown of Schenectady, NY. Casaro in Italian translates to “cheesemaker” and the name is fitting given the expert quality you can taste in every bite. From Casaro’s creamy Fresh mozzarella to their aged Parmesan and Romano, you’ll be cheesin’ for more.

Finally, when preparing your Italian feast you can’t forget the ABC’s of Pasta! Appearance, a good amber color shows quality, rather than reddish, grayish, or whitish hues. Bite, good pasta should cook “al dente,” meaning “to the tooth.”  This means pasta should be firm when it’s ready to be eaten. Clarity, pasta made with the best quality durum wheat should not release much starch into the water. Check to make sure the cooking water is clear, rather than cloudy. And doesn’t break, pasta made with the highest quality durum wheat should not, break, stick, or clump during cooking. Now you know your ABC’s…of pasta!

Enjoy a delicious Italian meal during the cooler weather. There’s nothing like a good home-cooked meal to warm your spirits. For whichever meal you decide to try Price Chopper/Market 32 is your one stop shop for everything Italian. Come see us!

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