home.grown. Produce Is In The House!

home.grown. Produce Is In The House!

Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist

Fresh news from our Produce Team – our home.grown. farming partners are delivering local, fresh, delicious produce and we are so Produce Proud to share it with you and your family.

Reeves Farms, in central New York, is offering many organic options, like local green and yellow squash.  The Gurda family, from A. Gurda Produce, are growing premium greens in the unique Black Dirt Region of New York State. These farms are New York State Grown and Certified, meaning they have passed third party audits and are growing delicious, nutritious food with strong food safety and environmental standards in place. They are passionate about their family farms and helping you feed your family well.  

In our stores, fresh greens include organic and conventional red and green leaf romaine, Swiss Chard, spinach, escarole, Boston lettuce and endive, collards and kale. Scallions, bunch radishes, and cucumbers are rolling out, ready to dress up your favorite salads and wrap recipes. Northeast-grown beets and bunch carrots are also in our stores – so many choices! Some fresh, fun ideas for enjoying the summer bounty include:

  • ·         Roll up Market 32 Rotisserie Chicken Salad from the Deli in fresh red and green Romaine leaves for lunch or a snack

    ·         Sub Swiss Chard for romaine in a Caesar salad: https://bit.ly/2XZJDto

    ·         Spinach and Swiss Chard are great additions to a salad, sandwich or wrap

    ·         Make salads with several types of greens for flavor, nutrition and beautiful presentation. Add some Rotisserie chicken, fresh berries and PICS walnuts. Enjoy with your favorite PICS salad dressing!

    ·         Find some new recipes like Grilled Lemon Spinach Pork Chops with Shaved Summer Squash and Tomato salad: https://bit.ly/2LP665W 


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