Get Creative with Gerber!

Want a chance to win a $100 Price Chopper gift card? Tell us how you got your baby to eat solid foods! Are you proud of how you got your little one to start eating solid foods or how you encouraged them to try new foods? We want to hear about it! Comment below AND on our Facebook page and tell us about the tricks you used to get your baby to start eating solid foods or how you persuaded them to try something different-we know how picky those little tikes can be!  August is Gerber Baby Month at Price Chopper!! Gerber offers products that support children’s development from 0-48 months. Each week in August, Price Chopper will be offering a new special for your little one! In honor of Baby Month, we want to hear your story! To enter to win a $100 Price Chopper gift card, comment below AND on our Facebook page and tell us how you got your baby started on solid food or how you got your little one to try some new and different foods. Leave your story by August 13th at 2:00PM to be entered. Join our baby club TODAY by visiting our website and take AdvantEdge of some of our great offers- spend $100 on any brand diapers from July 29th-September 22nd 2012 and get $15 off your Price Chopper bill! This contest runs from Monday, August 6th to Monday, August 13th, 2012. One winner will be selected to receive a $100 Price Chopper gift card! The winner will be announced on August 13th. Read official rules here.

30 responses to “Get Creative with Gerber!”

  1. Laura Rychcik says:

    my son didn’t really love yogurt (he is 4 now). So, we would let him have a pinch of sprinkles or a couple mini m&m’s on top. Now he loves yogurt!

  2. Jessica Ermini says:

    I gave my daughter solid food at 6 months old for the first time (green beans) i wish i could upload the photo of her face after taking that first bite… even though her face said she didn’t care for them all that much she still gobbled them down she’s now almost two years old and asks me if she can try everything I eat 🙂

  3. We have always offered our children real food. Starting early with real foods flavor and texture creates a dynamic eater. Last night our almost 13 month old had sauteed sweet corn and greenbeans with butter and taragon. His second course was farfalle and peas in a white wine parmesan cream sauce with locally raised ham. I also made him yummy bars last week with zucchini, banana, applesauce, oatmeal, and blueberries. The recipe is on my blog.

  4. Nichole says:

    I started Wesley on rice cereal around 8 weeks. Fed it to him with a spoon (never in a bottle) and he picked up very quickly. Once it came time for solids, it was a piece of cake. Except for peas that is. Since I made all of his food, I’d mix carrots with the peas and little by little phased them out and now he LOVES peas!

  5. alicia says:

    i gave my son carrots, celery, kielbasa to gnaw on while he was teething. getting him to eat solid AND feed himself finger foods was super easy!

  6. Amanda Schmidt says:

    Cook meats in a muffin/cupcake tin and put your child’s favorite color into mashed potatoes/rice/ etc with food coloring! 🙂

  7. My “baby” is 10 years old now, but she started on solids when she was about 6 months old or so (breastfed exclusively before that). Basically, I followed her cues – when I held her on my lap while having dinner, she started smacking her lips when she saw me eating. So, I tried giving her a tiny bit of mashed potatoes, and she went bonkers! She never really went for cereal, she always liked pretty much anything we were eating that we just mushed up for her toothless little self to be able to eat safely. We also just let her play with and fool around with food as much as she wanted, babies just love grabbing stuff. A shower curtain on the floor under the high chair is a good preventive maintenance move 😉

  8. Elizabeth Conte says:

    around 6 months old we slowly started with Gerber’s Stage 1 vegetables. We did green beans for a week, then squash, sweet potato, for 3-4 days each, then carrots. Someone told me veggies first because fruits are sweet. They said if you start with the sweet stuff, they may not like the veggies later. It worked for both girls! The both love their vegetables. They like interesting vegetables like purple beans and different varieties and shapes of squash.

  9. Danielle Brown says:

    I would let both of my kids eat some finger foods while I fed them baby food. If they didn’t like it I would keep introducing it every couple days. As my son got older and asked for more of one food we would encourage him to take a bite of something else first. He’s now 5 and will eat anything or at least try it once!

  10. Liliya says:

    Baby bullet! Purée everything such as soups and my baby loved it!

  11. Katharine Shields says:

    My son was always super interested in what we were eating before he could start solid foods. When he was old enough I bought Dylan the stage one rice cereal, and mixed it with formula or pumped milk. I had to first eat a spoonful myself and then bring the spoonful to his mouth to persuade him that it was good, yuck! He now loves all food, but his favorite is sweet potatoes of course! Babies learn by example, so sometimes you have to eat the baby food yourself first.

  12. Nancy says:

    I would mix a bit of a new food (like yogurt or applesauce) into an old favorite like oatmeal or rice cereal. You can gradually add more of the new food into the mixture until the new food is accepted outright.

  13. I started my son on cereal at about 4 weeks old in his bottle. Milk alone wasn’t keeping him full enough. Then when he was about 2 months I started him on fruits. He seems to love anything you put in front of him now. His favorite is bananas and any kind of vegetable mixed with it.

  14. Elaine Stant says:

    I didn’t ever think my Daughter would give up Baby Food. I wash the jar out and put table food in the jar,she was very happy

  15. x1kfaul says:

    No single great trick – we just kept trying new foods time and time again, and eventually her tastes improved!

  16. Corey urgan says:

    Both of my children have always been fussy eaters, I would make 3 different meals every night telling myself that I can’t force them to eat. My husband and I decided one night to try to let the curiosity get the cat – we would rave and rave about how amazing our dinners were. Eventually they would ask to try it and we would tell them no it was simply too tasty for their mouths they wouldn’t be able to handle it. Have you met a 3 year old who will say no to a challenge? Eventually he would start begging “oh mommy I can handle it. I know I can” we would eventually let him try whatever it was we had and
    sure enough – he would love it if for no other reason then he couldn’t let us be right.

  17. Susan Bergman says:

    My daughter would eat anything that her older brother was. She didn’t always like it, but was always willing to try.

  18. Alicia P says:

    We started with the baby oatmeal when he was about 5 months old – he is almost 2 and still LOVES to eat it in the morning! He is a huge fruit lover – especially berries – just having a selection of fresh fruits to eat in the house helps give him an opportunity to eat different things. They are expensive though, but worth every penny.

  19. Molly Moak says:

    I made a lot of my own baby food at home when I could. I started my son with vegetables and he loved them. I would buy the Full Circle organic frozen veggies, cook and purée them. He loved them!! My daughter on the other hand has preferred her fruits first. She is 6 months now and is loving the Gerber organic fruits with DHA.

  20. Jamie Ramirez says:

    Being a first time Mom I started “by the book” and my son was having NOTHING to do with it, spit out everything…took a trip to my Grandma’s house, his Great Grandma for Thanksgiving, she asked how come he wasn’t eating food yet and I told her he just wouldn’t, absolutely hated it…not even 5 minutes later he was being spoon fed his own thanksgiving dinner of mashed potatoes and squash by Great Grandma, guess the elders reality do know everything after all. I have had 3 children since and I always start them with the good ol mashed potatoes and they are the best eaters ever! <3

  21. Kim L says:

    We realized that formula just wasn’t keeping him full and at 4 months we introduced solids. He didn’t like it at first, but we kept trying and trying and soon enough, we couldn’t get the spoon fast enough to his mouth. He loved it!

  22. Samantha Zellweger Porter says:

    We expose our kids to a wide variety of food so that they will develop a taste for lots of things.

  23. Melissa Volk says:

    My son started sitting with us at the table from the very start; our high chair reclines for newborh/infant use. We noticed he was reaching out and making a noise like he wanted our food so we started giving him some beginning with the very soft like mashed potatoes. I also made much of his babyfood myself with the Baby Bullet so he had a taste for real food. Now if we put it in front of him he shoves it on in and will try anything!

  24. Maggie McDermott says:

    After learning the hard way with our oldest who we deemed “a picky eater” we decided we needed some new tricks to eat healthier around our house. We started a garden, the kids love helping grow some of the foods we eat, every day my 3 year old and 14 month old go out with me to water our garden. We also had to envoke a “no thank you bite” rule. You have to take one big bite of everything on your plate before you can say “no thank you, I don’t like it.” This really helps, my son is suprised by how many things he ends up liking!

  25. yvonne says:

    i started with banana’s and peach’s , all i did was mash them them fine and after the first taste, they never wanted baby food again. it was very easy.

  26. Debi says:

    When my daughter was an infant, I would start off giving her a food I knew she liked…like applesauce…and then a few spoonfuls later would switch to something new. Most times, this trick worked and if it didn’t then I knew she really wasn’t going to like something!!

  27. Richard Ruotolo says:

    3 empty cups – upside down – place food under one cup – move them around and made my son pick a cup to eat the food (Shell Game) It was tough to play this game with mashed potatoes oatmeal. Try it with grapes, raisins, apple slices, etc.

  28. Michelle Ruotolo says:

    To get my son to eat broccoli or cauliflower I would mix with melted cheese. Worked every time.

  29. Teresa says:

    My son has texture aversions so feeding him is difficult. He is 17 mos and still not eating that well. Really the trick with him is letting him feed himself. Its messy but those puree pouches are amazing when he doesn’t squeeze them. Also setting a good example. He has interest in bananas because we eat them alot around here. Finding healthy alternatives for texture sensitive kids is challenging but thankfully there are alot of great option available, homemade and in the store.

  30. pricechopper says:

    Thank you all for participating! We loved reading your creative ideas on how to get your little ones to try new or solid foods! Congratulations to our winner, Katharine Shields!!

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