Emerging COVID-19 Treatments

Emerging COVID-19 Treatments

COVID-19 continues to remain prevalent and affects people daily across the globe. Fortunately, there are some FDA-approved treatments and Emergency Use Authorization medications available to treat COVID-19. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) treatments are medications that are not FDA-approved but are allowed to be used under certain conditions in the US.

FDA-approved Treatments

The FDA has approved an antiviral drug called Veklury also known as remdesivir. This drug is administered intravenously (IV) and is for adults and certain children with COVID-19. Remdesivir works by stopping the virus from replicating in the body.

Another drug that is approved by the FDA for certain hospitalized adults is called Olumiant also known as baracitinib. This drug is an oral medication that works as an immune modulator that helps to block the virus from entering and infecting lung cells. Baracitinib is also used as an EUA medication in certain hospitalized children with COVID-19.

Emergency Use Authorization Treatments

There are several treatments available for adults and children called monoclonal antibodies that are IV medications. Monoclonal antibodies work by helping your immune system recognize and respond to the virus.

Two oral medications are available for the treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID-19. Both medications are antiviral medications that help to prevent the virus from replicating.

One of the medications is called Paxlovid also known as nirmatrelvir/ritonavir. Paxlovid may be used in adults and children older than 12 years old who weigh at least 88 pounds. The other oral antiviral medication is called Lagevrio also known as molnupiravir. This medication is only used in adults.

Which treatment is right for me?

If you develop symptoms that could be COVID-19, get tested immediately. If you test positive for COVID-19, contact your healthcare provider to see if you are eligible for any treatments. Some people may not qualify for certain treatments. Your healthcare provider will be able to determine which treatment option is best for you.


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