Dairy Delivers – Farms, Flavor and Fun

June is Dairy Month, and we know how to help you celebrate it! Dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt are full of flavor and can be enjoyed in so many fun ways. Look throughout our stores– our specialty cheese section is second to none, we work with local farms, artisans and processors across New York and New England, and we source the cow1best dairy for our own PICS and Price Chopper brand products. Your family can enjoy all of the great taste and health benefits dairy brings to your table! At Price Chopper and Market 32, cheese leads the charge, with Cabot and Kraft bringing out some great products this month. Grilled cheese can be a go-to for busy family nights and Friday night gatherings with friends – how about Cabot Alpine Cheddar with Portobello mushrooms on grilled sourdough bread? Kraft wrapped Singles are snacks on the move with crackers and apple slices before a spring evening softball game, followed by chocolate milk as a recovery drink for players large and small! We will also be participating in the Great American Milk Drive, (https://www.pricechopper.com/community/community-calendar) which helps get milk to families that are struggling and need a “nutrition” helping hand. Look for information at the register to learn how you can share the bounty with your community. PLANT1 Speaking of family, did you know dairy farming is a family affair – 97% of dairy farms nationwide are family owned and operated. In New York, dairy is the leading agricultural product, with over 50% of agricultural receipts. New England and Pennsylvania are also leaders in dairy production – this means all of our milk is local. Dairy is also a nutrient powerhouse -in the United States, dairy is the number one source of Vitamin D, calcium and potassium – all crucial to good health. These dairy numbers add up in the right direction! You can learn more about one of our dairy farm families Murcresthere on the blog – I visited Murcrest Farm in Copenhagen, NY on May 19th and then followed the milk from farm to fork with our own delicious PICS naturally aged cheddar cheese. Check the cheese and dairy case for those award winning items! Don’t forget the yogurt -great in recipes or on its own, we have so many choices! Check out the new whole milk yogurts – thick and creamy, they are wonderful, and current nutrition science has shown they have a role in a healthy diet.  Finally, enjoy the great variety of ice cream treats – look for PICS premium ice cream flavors, on sale this summer to help you celebrate or savor a few cool moments for yourself. Enjoy delicious dairy all month long! — Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN  Senior Nutritionist  

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