Are you ready for the 4th?


Independence Day is just around the corner! What comes to your mind when you think about July 4th? A popular association with the 4th is fireworks, with their bright colors, loud crackling sounds and general splendor. Here in the good ol’ USA, fireworks have become a symbol for the celebration of Independence. At Price Chopper, when we hear “4th of July” we not only think fireworks and independence, but also a time for grilling! Price Chopper’s House of BBQ has a lot to offer grill enthusiasts. We love the mouth-watering aromas and sizzling sounds associated with grilling. There is nothing like good grilled food with family and friends after working up an appetite on a busy summer day. 

Are you thinking about throwing a 4th of July BBQ bash? Price Chopper, Kraft and Kingsford Charcoal want to help you throw your own great party by giving away two $250 Price Chopper gift cards! All you have to do is share a picture of a past 4th of July celebration or who you will be celebrating with this year. Send your pictures to [email protected]. Winners will be randomly generated and announced on June 30th. Please, see the link below for the contest’s official rules. 

Price Chopper also has some great coupons to help with your 4th of July party supplies! Do you prefer grilled food with a deliciously smoky flavor? We have an exclusive Facebook coupon on our coupon tab for $2.00 off Kingsford Match Light Charcoal.  Kingsford Charcoal has great products that will suit your charcoal-grilling needs. Their products range from charcoal made with natural ingredients to their hickory or mesquite flavored wood chips. Kingsford also offers their Match Light product, which is easy to light so you’ll be ready to grill in about ten minutes! You can check out the Kingsford website here for more information. In addition to the Kingsford Charcoal coupon, we have a coupon for $1.00 off any A1 steak sauce.

You can’t forget about dessert! We also have a coupon for $0.75 off a package of Oreo cookies. Kraft has some refreshing dessert recipes that would be great treats after dinner and before the fireworks begin. Why not try their Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches or their Triple Strawberry Pops? These dessert options are easy to make in advance and make a great summer dessert, especially when the weather is 80 or 90 degrees!

Need some plans for the 4th? Check out the Price Chopper Sponsored events! Price Chopper wishes you a safe and happy Independence Day! Price Chopper, Kingsford and Clorox 4th of July Offical Rules

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