Welcome Ore-Ida Grillers!

We’re happy to welcome Ore-Ida Grillers into our frozen food aisle here at Price Chopper!  These grillers are thick potato planks that you can cook directly on the grill—making them crispy on the outside but tender on the inside!  They are quick and easy to prepare, perfect for any fall night.  Grillers go from frozen to grilled in only 15 minutes and are thick enough so that you don’t have to worry about them slipping through the grill grates.  Grillers are perfect as a side dish for any family meal and since they cook so quickly, you can spend more time enjoying your family and friends!  Don’t worry if you’ve already closed the grill for the season, grillers can also be broiled or cooked on a grill pan!  Grillers come in two great varieties:                                                            Golden– classic potato taste  Seasoned– zesty blend of pepper, garlic & herbs Click here to check out some great family style recipes from Ore-Ida!

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