We ❤️ Pears in February

We ❤️ Pears in February

Ellie Wilson MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist

usa pears blog.jpg Savvy seasonal eaters know a great secret – the luscious pear is at its peak during the winter months. Different varieties offer flavor adventures and fresh opportunities for a fast, functional snack. Packing six grams of fiber, Vitamin C, and 5% of the daily recommendation for potassium, pears are a nutrition powerhouse. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend about 2 servings of fruit daily – if you are adding more fruit to your fresh approach to healthier eating, one pear gets you halfway there! “Pears ripen from the inside out, and play well with other produce that does the same in a basket on your kitchen counter, like bananas and avocados. Check the neck for ripeness by pressing near the stem with your thumb – if it gives to pressure that means it is ripe and ready for a lot of sweet enjoyment! Pears are a recipe sweetheart during American Heart Month – and have the American Heart Association Heart Check to prove it! Slice pears and dip in dark chocolate for a valentine treat, chop and top steel cut oatmeal and cinnamon for a breakfast with (heart) benefits, or poach in cranberry juice and kiss with cinnamon mascarpone cheese and chopped walnuts to delight someone special. (https://www.pricechopper.com/recipes#/9201).  Overripe pears are great for sauces and smoothies – “pear” them up with avocados and spinach for a snack attack smoothie bonanza. Find fresh promotions in stores throughout February, and learn more ways to enjoy more pears at USAPears (http://usapears.org/),

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