Value Meals; Simple Pleasures: The Comfort of Tomato Cobbler and Chicken Fajita Pasta

This week’s meal ideas are very exciting, and something much different than previous weeks. Today, we will dive into two delightful dishes that will transform your mealtime routine. Whether you’re seeking the comforting warmth of a classic dish with a twist or the vibrant zest of Mexican-inspired flavors, we’ve got you covered. Let’s check out this week’s meal ingredients, shall we?

Mediterranean Tomato and Scallop Cobbler

Two Full Circle Organic Grape Tomatoes

1 bag Market 32 Bay Scallops

1 Onion

1 Container PICS Biscuits (found in the dairy & eggs section)

1 can (24oz) PICS Diced Tomatoes

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Chicken Fajita Pasta

1 box PICS Pasta

1 lb. Market 32 Marinated Chicken Breasts

1 package Fajita Seasoning

1 bag PICS Frozen Fajita Peppers and Onions 

1 bag PICS Shredded Cheese

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Meal 1: Mediterranean Tomato and Scallop Cobbler

This veggie-forward skillet bake brings the flavors of the Mediterranean together in one pan for a savory, satisfying casserole with a comfort food twist.


Chef knife

Cutting board OR food processor

Large oven-safe skillet (not cast iron)

Can opener

Wooden spoon

Small bowl

TBSP and TSP measure


1-2 TBSP chopped fresh thyme, or, 2 – 3 TBSP dried thyme;

3 – 5 TBSP unsalted butter, (olive oil can be used to replace some or all the butter in the casserole, but not on the biscuits.)

1 – 2 TBSP chopped fresh or dried garlic

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

1 TSP brown sugar, packed;

2 TSP whole grain mustard

Wash grape tomatoes and allow them to dry on a clean towel. They can be sliced in half or whole for this dish.

Note – M32 Faroe Islands Bay Scallops can be added frozen or defrosted in the refrigerator overnight and drained before adding to the cobbler.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Melt 2 TBSP butter in the small bowl and combine with the 2 tsp whole grain mustard. Set aside

Chop 1 medium onion. Open can of PICS Italian Seasoned Diced Canned Tomatoes

Place skillet on the stovetop and add 1-2 TBSP butter or olive oil. When oil is warm, add onion and sauté for several minutes. Add garlic and 1 TBSP of fresh thyme, or 1.5 TBSP dried thyme. Simmer on low and stir occasionally for about 1 minute, until onion is lightly browned.

Add grape tomatoes and stir, allowing them to soften for 2-3 minutes. Add canned tomatoes, stirring to combine. Allow some of the liquid to cook off to concentrate flavors. Open the PICS Biscuits container.

Add the brown sugar and stir to combine.

If defrosted, drain the bag of M32 Bay Scallops, then spoon them into the tomato mixture in the skillet.

Top the tomato and scallop mixture with the PICS Biscuits. Brush the tops of the biscuits with the butter- mustard mix, and sprinkle remaining thyme on top of them.

Place the skillet in the oven, following the cooking directions for the biscuits, approximately 25 minutes, or until the biscuits are a golden brown. Remove the skillet from the oven and serve the cobbler with a fresh salad side. A Dole Chopped Salad or Ceasar would add complementary crunchy texture and flavor to this easy Mediterranean meal!

Adapted from:

Tomato Cobbler – ‘Garden to Table’ – Saving Room for Dessert (, accessed 5/2/2024

Meal 2: Chicken Fajita Pasta

This is a true one pot meal, with a magic milk and cheese hack that will bring everyone to the table.


5 Cups PICS Milk

Large 4 – 6-quart saucepan (pasta pot)

Chef knife and cutting board

Wooden spoon



PICS Olive or Vegetable Oil

Place 2-3 TBSP oil in the saucepan, and heat on high. Carefully place the sliced chicken pieces in the pot and sauté until done. Remove from the pot and keep warm on a plate.

Place 1 TBSP oil in the saucepan, and add the frozen peppers and onions, stirring until they are cooked and lightly browned. Turn the heat down to medium.

Place 4 cups of PICS Pasta (we like penne, gemelli or shells for this meal) into the pot with the vegetables, add the 5 cups of milk, and Fajita seasoning package. Bring the milk to a simmer. As the pasta cooks, the sauce becomes creamy. Add the cup of cheese and cooked fajita chicken to the pot and combine with the rest of the ingredients. Serve it up and enjoy!

Adapted from:

One-Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta Recipe by Tasty, accessed 5/2/2024


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