Traveling with E-ZPass: Myth vs Fact!

Highway and wind turbinesFrom our friends at the NYS Thruway Authority Are you still traveling along New York’s and other state’s roadways without an E-ZPass tag? This probably means you have to stop at a toll booth to pick up a toll ticket, find cash to pay the collector, or wait for a bill in the mail to be charged by your license plate. Price Chopper can help you travel more efficiently and cost-effectively. E-ZPass Tags are available at the customer service desk at New York Price Chopper & Market 32 locations! Purchase a tag for $25, register it with E-ZPass before you use it and the tag becomes active within 24 hours. Now is the perfect time to sign up for E-ZPass and start saving. While more than 34 million vehicles currently travel and save with E-ZPass tags, there are still some common misconceptions about E-ZPass. Here are some myths and facts! MYTH: E-ZPass costs more. FACT: E-ZPass saves time, money, fuel and emissions. E-ZPass doesn’t cost anything. There is a $10 refundable tag deposit which is waived if you replenish with a credit card or link to your checking account. You don’t have to be an everyday commuter to benefit from E-ZPass either. The $25 initial prepaid toll requirement will remain in your account until you use it. You are also saving on fuel and emissions when you are not waiting at toll booths to pay cash. MYTH: I don’t drive on toll roads enough to benefit from E-ZPass. FACT: You save every time you use E-ZPass, and there is no usage charge for your account. Whether you commute daily on the Thruway or take that annual summer trip to camp, E-ZPass offers toll discounts and the most convenient way to travel. If you don’t travel, funds in your E-ZPass Account remain in your E-ZPass Account.   MYTH: If I get an E-ZPass in New York, I can only use it on NY roads. FACT: You can use your E-ZPass Tag wherever you see the signature purple E-ZPass sign. E-ZPass is accepted in 16 states, with 26 different agencies included in the E-ZPass network. From Maine to North Carolina on the East Coast and West to Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois, you can enjoy the benefits of E-ZPass. MYTH: Your E-ZPass Tag can only be used in one vehicle FACT: E-ZPass Tags can be used in any passenger vehicle. Traveling with a friend or family member? You can use your E-ZPass tag in other vehicles. Make sure the tag is mounted on the windshield, and if the vehicle is used on a regular basis, be sure to list the license plate number in your E-ZPass account.  Just like the E-ZPass Tag, E-ZPass mounting strips are free. Request them from the E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 1-800-333-8655. MYTH: You can only have one E-ZPass tag on your account FACT: You can have up to four E-ZPass tags on your account. E-ZPass Tags are free, and there is no tag deposit if you choose to use your credit card to automatically replenish your account.  You can either add additional tags to your account or move the Tag from vehicle to vehicle.  Be sure to list any license plates on your account that will be using the tag on a regular basis. MYTH: You must link your credit card to your E-ZPass account. FACT: You have several convenient payment options with E-ZPass. The most convenient and popular way to fund an E-ZPass account is by automatic replenishment with a credit card because you will always have funds in your account for travel, but it is not required. You can choose to call in payments as needed, mail in check payments or set up a Pay Per Trip payment method, which would deduct tolls from your checking account as you travel. MYTH: E-ZPass will share or track my account information. FACT: Strict security and privacy regulations are in place to protect your E-ZPass account information. E-ZPass takes customer privacy very seriously and does not share information with other agencies, including law enforcement, unless it is for the purpose of collecting a toll, or by subpoena. MYTH: E-ZPass is used to issue speeding tickets. FACT: E-ZPass is NOT used to issue speeding tickets.  For safety reasons, equipment monitors speed in the actual toll lane. Your E-ZPass account may be suspended if you travel too fast through the toll lane. There you have it! Myths debunked. If you’re in New York, stop into your neighborhood Price Chopper or Market 32 store, pick up an E-ZPass Tag and experience the savings and convenience. You’ll wonder what took you so long!  To locate a store near you visit:  Customers can also apply for E-ZPass online at

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