Time to Ready Our Homes for Spring!

1200x628_spring_cleaning_3 Although winter has been reluctant to loosen its grip, spring is finally in the air, and it’s time to get our homes ready to greet it. Spring cleaning was a time-honored tradition when I was growing up. I remember my mother throwing open the windows to “air out the house” and let the fresh smell of spring in. She would then go about cleaning the house from top to bottom. 1080x1080_spring_cleaningSpring cleaning is still a great way to freshen up and de-clutter. It’s also the perfect time to update your living space, and give it a fresh, new look for the season. Not sure where to start? Start off by ensuring you and your family are safe. Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors if you didn’t do it last month when the time changed, and replace batteries if necessary. Next, spring into action with easy cleaning and no or minimal cost decorating tips that will allow you to enjoy your home and the warm weather that is on the way.
  • Wash walls and baseboards (start from the top and work your way down), windows, screens, and bedding. Wash, dry clean or vacuum curtains/window treatments as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Steam clean carpets or send area rugs out.
  • Clean out the pantry by checking best if used by (or before) dates on non-perishable foods like spices, canned goods, grains and pastas, etc., and toss anything past its prime. Throw away any bulging, leaking or rusted cans, as these are an indication of spoilage and present a food safety hazard! Repeat the process in your refrigerator with perishable foods and throw away food that is past its use-by or best if used by date. Once everything is sorted through, group like items together.
  • Declutter and organize closets and drawers. Make a pile of clothes and other accessories and donate items in good condition and discard the rest. Don’t hold onto things you haven’t worn in the last year thinking you might again. Trust me, you won’t.
  • Celebrate spring by bringing the outdoors in with some fresh greenery and/or flowers into your living space.
  • Brighten up any room with a fresh coat of paint or even just by adding a pop of color.
  • Transform a room’s look and feel by rearranging furniture or simply update with new decorative pillows in cotton and linen fabrics.
  • Go seasonal with your bedding! Trade out the heavier comforters and blankets for lighter weight fabrics and softer colors.
  • Bring the smell of freshness indoors with a citrus or floral-scented candle.
Now that your home sparkles and shines, take a deep breath and enjoy! — Author: Maureen Rowan Murphy, Manager Consumer Trends, Nutrition and Lifestyles

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