Time to Celebrate!

Written by Sylvia Geiger MS, RD, CD, Price Chopper Community Nutritionist

Bridal showers, graduations and year-end school celebrations fill the calendar in May and June. With all that celebration, good cheer and anticipation for the future, come the platters of special party foods that are often not too waist-friendly.

The trays of little pop-in-your-mouth tidbits are so delicious and irresistible! Who hasn’t mindlessly grazed their way through a party and later thought, “Did I really eat that?”  For many of us it’s hard work to stay clear of that double chocolate frosted brownie while also sticking to a diet plan.

So why not make it easy for your guests and serve delicious party fare that allow them to indulge and celebrate without worrying about fitting into the bridal gown, tuxedo or swimsuit.

Here are some tips for party foods that are fun and celebratory, yet fit into just about anyone’s daily food plan.

  1. Let your creativity shine with colorful trays or bowls of fruit. Fresh fruit will look beautiful and appetizing anyway you slice or dice it, try tiny fruit skewers, hollow out melons and fill them with cut fruit & berries of contrasting colors. Serve trays of cut fruit with yogurt or dessert dipping sauces. Some different ideas for fruits include Apricot Canapes or Citrus Infused Srawberries.
  2. Make veggies more interesting than a tray of carrot sticks, celery stalks and cut vegetables with a bowl of ranch dip. Try some of these party favorite ideas: Quesadillas or vegetables strips with hummus.
  3.  Fancy , yet lower calorie appetizers are always festive. Try Steak-&-Boursin Wrapped Bells or Shrimp & Avocado Canapes.
  4. Kid party foods can be festive without too much sugar. Try fruizza or  Sweet Snacking Pita  Chips  or Turkey Fingers with Maple Mustard Sauce


Click below for recipe ideas using this week’s sale items! All main ingredients are on sale. (NuVal score for raw ingredient in parentheses)



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