The Power of Your Purchase

Guest Blog, Written by: Michela Calabrese of interrupcion* fair trade Price Chopper is committed to being the best in fresh by supplying you with the best produce. We would like to introduce interrupcion*fair trade as an organic, fair trade producer. But you might be wondering, what exactly is fair trade? Fair trade is an agreement that allows farmers to negotiate a fair price with purchasers, so that they get a fair price for their products. This allows the farmers to pay their workers a fair price and engage in environmentally-friendly practices. Fair trade can be thought of as a sort of social movement among producers all over the world. You can choose to play a role in this social movement by purchasing fair trade products. Committed producers promise to participate in fair trade in order to improve long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Fair trade products stand for a rational price, valuable products, environmental awareness, and community impact. Click here for more information on fair trade and how you can find products within the Price Chopper stores.



Behind each and every piece of fruit we eat, there is a story. There is a place it came from and a way the earth was treated due to its production; there is a worker who planted, farmed, and packed our fruit, and there is a family that depends on it for their livelihood. These people and lands are vital parts of the supply chains that bring us our food. However, in some places now and throughout history, these workers have been relatively poor and without opportunities for a better life, and the earth has been exploited with processes that are unsustainable. With fair trade we connect directly with the story of our foods. We make a positive impact on the people, communities, and land that cultivate the foods we rely upon. Fair trade guarantees fair pay and safe work for the people harvesting the foods we enjoy, ensuring that they are treated just as you or I would want to be treated. Every fair trade item we buy generates a fair trade premium, which is a small amount of funds that is used towards a better world. The workers invest their fair trade premiums to support the important social and health needs of the community. All of these transactions are audited by a 3rd party; therefore, we feel secure that we are trading fairly. At interrupcion*fair trade, we’ve had producers use their fair trade premiums to start emergency health care programs, buy much needed school supplies for children, and rebuild their homes after the devastating Chilean earthquake. This month we’re proud to partner with Price Chopper to bring you interrupcion*fair trade organic gala apples, which are produced in the valleys of the Andean mountains of Argentina. You can learn more about this producer here. Fair trade products, and their stories, can also be found amidst the chocolate, coffee and tea isles of Price Chopper. With fair trade, your purchase is power. Price Chopper welcomes you to try our Fair trade breakfast blend coffee. Go to our Facebook page and click the coupon tab to print a coupon for a 10 oz bag of Fair trade breakfast blend coffee for $4.99 with coupon and card (valid 6/16/11-6/18/11).

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