Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Want to win four tickets to a major league baseball game? Tell us which baseball team your family loves to cheer for! Is your family looking for some exciting ways to get out and celebrate the last weeks of summer? What better way than to enjoy America’s favorite pastime with your family! We want to give you a chance to win four tickets to a Yankees, Mets, or Red Sox game*-your choice! Simply comment below AND on our Facebook page and tell us who your family roots for! Are there any family rivalries, or is your family loyal to the same team?! We want to hear about it! To enter to win, comment below AND on our Facebook page by August 1st at 2:00PM. Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy time with your family. Bayer understands how important it is to keep your family healthy…especially in preparation of a new school year starting up! To help keep your family strong and energized (so you can all proudly root for your team!), check out our Facebook page for an exclusive coupon for $2 off any Bayer One A Day multivitamin or Flintstones vitamin.

This contest runs from Monday, July 30th to Wednesday August 1st at 2:00PM. One winner will be randomly selected and will receive four tickets to the baseball game of their choice. The winner will be announced on Thursday, August 2nd. Read official rules here. *This promotion only applies to regular season games.

25 responses to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!”

  1. Dawn Foster says:

    My husband is a die-hard Red Sox fan, but our 16 year old son is a die-hard NY Yankees fan – it makes watching the games VERY interesting in our house!! We have never been to a live game, so if we won the 4 tickets, we’d put them to good use!!

  2. Carol Gagliardi says:

    My husband loves the Yankees but I’m a die hard Mets fan! We’ve recently had a baby& I figure with our luck, she’ll be a redox fan, Lol!

  3. Becky Gill says:

    I love to cheer for the Red Sox. Everything about the team has such a history and tradition behind it… Pesky’s Pole, Babe Ruth, Fenway, Green Monster, Wally, 2004, just to name a few…

  4. Laurie Touchette says:

    Our family is the All-American Yankee Rooting Family….From the matriarch’s in the family right down to the little ones….My husbands favorite player is Munson, always has been a big fan. Both of our girls are Yankee Fans and even record games to re-watch if they miss them. My youngest daughter has aquired the nick name “K-Rod” in softball….Even our little guy Adam knows more about the Yankees then most adults. Wish I could post a picture!

  5. Diane Lockwood says:

    RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ann Naylor says:

    We love the Yankees. My husband is a life long St. Louis fan, but my Dad, who past away 2 years ago, would come over every night to watch the games with the kids, grandkids, and great grandkid, and semi converted my husband. The summer my dad died, the whole family took a bus trip, the first time we all went together. When we came back we went to the hospital to give him the play by play.

  7. john r says:

    My family doesn’t have rivalries withing sports but cross sports there are definatly some. For instance my mom loves Patriots and hates Bruins hockey. My dad Loves Basketball and I don’t like basketball all that much. I love hockey and football. Therefore on a Sunday in November who gets to decide who watches what? Easy, set up 3 TV’s side by side. Football needs sound, hockey and basketball really don’t …PROBLEM SOLVED

  8. I grew up in a Yankees family and married into a Yankees family. NYY all the way!

  9. Georgia Anthony says:

    My parents were Yankee fans, I have been a fan since I was born. I was in my thirty’s before I realized that other people in Central New York cheered for other teams. My children are Yankee fans and have passed it on to my grandchildren. Yankees have so much history it fascinates me. I have only been to Yankee stadium once in my 64 years and I felt alive floating on cloud nine!

  10. Dar Clark says:

    My husband and I are Yankee fans and have always been Yankee fans. His favorites are, Thurman Munson, Don Mattingly and Derek Jeter and mine are too. No conflicks in this family..

  11. Audra says:

    It’s the boys vs. the girls in our household. Living in a N.E. state that borders N.Y. we get all the Yankees games on our local stations, but being a New Englander, my family growing up has always rooted for the Red Sox. My daughter and I do our best to give it back to my faithful Yankees fan of a husband and son. The Mets are usually our middle of the road team we can all root for!

  12. Bev Feltt says:

    We are a family of Yankees fans…even the babies! When our daughters were teenagers and ready to start dating, we told them that one of the criteria for an approved boyfriend was that he had to be a Yankees fan…lol. My husband wants to turn our family room into a Yankees man cave. He’s already starting to add to the decor with a clock, banner, fleece blanket, etc. Oh my! We recently had the pleasure of trying on not one, but two Yankees World Series Champion rings. My husband was in 7th Heaven! Now, if he could only meet them…

  13. I am a third generation Boston Red Sox fan. I love baseball and baseball history.I enjoy any game, from the youngest T-ballers right up through the majors.
    My 17 year old son loved baseball from an early age. I like to think he inherited the love of the game from me. He did not, however, inherit my love for the Red Sox. He is a staunch, passionate NY Yankees fan.
    It has made for some spirited afternoons and evenings at our house. Especially when our teams are playing each other.
    We recently welcomed a new family member, a pug puppy, who we named Bo Fenway, after of course my beloved Red Sox. My son , as much as he is anti Red Sox, adores this dog. Finally!! Mom found a way to give him just a little bit of Red Sox love.

  14. Jenn says:

    Yankees all the way!!! So much so that we named our first daughter Maris, for Roger Maris. Our second daughter is named Allie for Allie Reynolds and her middle name is Mickayla for Mickey Mantle.

  15. kathryn charbonneau says:


  16. lou parrotta says:


  17. Have been a Red Sox fan all my life but I think my 12 yr old son is probably a bigger Sox fan than I am. My mother was a HUGE Red Sox fan but she never got to see them win in 2004. My sister loves the Sox – however my sister’s daughter is a Yankee fan – ugh!! I have good natured battles with friends at work that are die hard Yankee fans, and also my paster who usually adds in digs from the pulpit to those of us in his congregation that are Red Sox fans. GO SOX!!!

  18. My husband and I are true loyal Boston Red Sox fans (since the late 80s, before we got our come backs in 2004 and 2007) and, of course, with that said our rivalries are those New York Yankees. We love the traditions that Fenway holds for over 100 years now… with the rustic stadium, the vendors on the streets selling Fenway Franks, Monsters (extra large hotdogs), Peanuts, and Soft Pretzels, the local Irish Pub Boston bars surounding the stadium, and the family-friendly atmosphere. It’s the experiences and historic traditions that make us cheer for the Red Sox and Papi every year.

  19. Lin Sparck says:

    I am a Yankee Fan. My friend of 32 years from college is a die-hard Red Sox fan. Over the years we’ve teased each other about the wins/losses, all in good fun. We once went somewhere wearing our respective team shirts. Someone asked us how we kept from killing each other. I said we’ve know each other so long we just accept it. 🙂 We’ve both said we’d love to see a Yankee/Red Sox game in person one day. Perhaps this is the “ticket”? 😉

  20. Ann Diefenbach says:

    In our house it’s Yankees ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!! My husband and kids have been Yankee fans since they were born; me, I grew up in a Mets household so my dad was not too thrilled when I made the change but he got over it….he used to tell my kids (kiddingly, of course) that he would still love them even though they were Yankee fans! ha ha! GO YANKEES! : )

  21. Kathy says:

    When my father died my sister came to stay with us. She is a Red sox fan and we are all Yankee fans. They were playing a series while she was here. We made her watch the game outside through the window. The red sox swept the series. Needless to say she was tough to have around rubbing it in the next few days. We talk about this every year around my Dad’s anniversary. This kind of lightened a hard time.

  22. Karen Marchese says:

    go Mets!

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