Swordfish: A Sustainability Success Story You Can Enjoy Today

Written by Lee E. French Vice President of Seafood

We have great news for seafood lovers!

I’m Lee E. French, Vice President of Seafood at Price Chopper Supermarkets, and I want to tell you about Captain Jim Flagel and the success of the American fishing industry’s effort to rebuild sustainable populations of swordfish.

Today, Captain Flagel and his White Water fishing boat are returning from the Grand Banks with a catch of swordfish expected to average close to 200 pounds each. Swordfish from the Grand Banks are the highest quality, and the White Water will only make 2 or 3 trips to the Grand Banks each year. 

Few people know of the significant sacrifices made by American swordfish fishermen to rebuild this stock in less than a decade. Rebuilding swordfish stocks is one of the great accomplishments of fishery management – and important to the success of this food source.

Swordfish is managed internationally by a number of fishing nations by quotas. For the past several years, the United States has not harvested its full North Atlantic swordfish quota. This is due in part to strict domestic management measures designed to help swordfish stocks rebuild. If the United States fails to catch its share of swordfish for a significant period, other countries can increase their quotas, and the U.S. share could be reduced.

We support our swordfish industry by purchasing their catch. Rebuilding this stock is a conservation success for America and the world, and now is a great time to buy this American-caught swordfish.

For a limited time only, Price Chopper full-service seafood departments will offer this fine American-caught swordfish at just $7.99 lb. That’s Captain Jim Flagel’s catch from the Grand Banks, fresh to you for $7.99 lb. while supplies last Thursday, Aug. 30, through Monday, Sept. 3 (Labor Day) … but sorry, no rainchecks. Enjoy the success of Captain Flagel and the White Water, and enjoy this unique opportunity to purchase the highest quality swordfish available in support of America’s fisheries!


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