Summer Produce & Christmas Trees- An Interview with Cabot Smith Farm

Tyler Blance- Produce Merchandising

Cabotsmith5It’s the holiday season, and many of our local growers are enjoying a well deserved break from the busy growing season.  However, one of our growers, Richard Hourihan in Cabot, Vermont, is still growing strong!  Richard’s farm is unique.  He delivers fresh-picked produce in the summer and fall, and then delivers fresh-picked fir trees to us once the holiday season comes around.

I had the opportunity to talk a little with Mr. Hourihan about his farm and what he does for a living. How long have you been a local grower with Price Chopper? “I’ve been a proud Chopper Farmer since the early 2000’s.” What’s your favorite crop to grow? “My favorite thing in the world to grow is pumpkins.” Tell us a little about your tree farm operation. How many acres of crops do you grow? “I grow 60 acres of fir trees and then 130 acres of vegetables.  The tree business was how I started out.  I only grow balsam fir trees- they’re the best you can get and they’re beautiful. Our trees are chemical-free and grown naturally without fertilizer or sprays.” What’s the best part of doing what you do? “For me, the best part is the view.  My farm is located on top of a big hill, and the view is breathtaking.  I like to sit out here early in the morning, listen to the radio and enjoy the view around me.” Operating a summer/fall vegetable farm and a tree farm makes for a long farming season. What’s your favorite time of the year? “The day when my season’s over- just kidding!  I like spring, when I’m getting ready to plant everything and planning what I’m going to grow in the coming season for places like Price Chopper.  I like pulling out my seed catalog!” We’re proud to support growers like Richard and his family, from sweet corn to acorn squash, all the way to fir trees in December.  If you happen to be in the St. Johnsbury, VT area, check out the Cabot Smith Farm fir trees at our St. Johnsbury store on Memorial Drive!    

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