Stemilt Cherries- Coming From the Mountains!

Written by: Tyler Blance- Produce Merchandising

Cherries are a classic fruit that everyone is familiar with.  When you’re shopping at your local Price Chopper this time of year, chances are you’ll find a freshly-stocked and vibrant cherry display.  I’m here to tell you a little story and give you some information on those cherries. StemiltHillCherries(2)We get our cherries from the Mathison family in Washington at Stemilt Growers- a family that was a pioneer in the cherry industry.  Stemilt is a Native American term that means “coming from the mountains”- Pretty cool!  Last week, a group of teammates from our Produce team took a trip out to visit the folks at Stemilt, located on the beautiful Stemilt Hill in Washington, to take a tour of the operation.  They were very impressed- the Mathisons have been farming the same land since 1893!  Kyle Mathison (pictured in overalls in the group photo) is a 4th generation cherry farmer whose passion in life is growing cherries.  Kyle’s cherry farming passion helps to create the beautiful, luscious cherries that you can find in your local Price Chopper!StemiltTripProduce On the nutritional end, cherries make a great snack.  Cherries are high in antioxidants and contain melatonin, which helps you maintain optimum brain function.  They’re low in fat and calories, cholesterol and sodium free, and on top of all that: they’re a great source of vitamin C and potassium. So there you have it! Next time you’re journeying through our produce department, you’ll know a little more about those beautiful cherries that catch your eye. There are lots of great recipes for cherries, but today I’d like to offer a simple, delicious way to create the classic cherry pie.  When 80’s hair band Warrant sang that oh-so-catchy “She’s My Cherry Pie,” they may have been referring to this easy and awesome recipe.

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