Seasonal Brews!

If you’re looking for crowd pleasing brews to serve at your Holiday parties, look no further!  Our selection of craft and seasonal beers has something everyone will love. prohibition-main (1) This season, Labatt introduced two new flavors as part of their Prohibition Series. The two flavors, Bourbon Barrel Ale and Apple Harvest Ale, transport drinkers back to the era of smugglers and speakeasies! One of our favorite craft beers, Magic Hat #9 is a dry, crisp and refreshing sidekick to any holiday meal! The holiday season brings out the creativity in all of us- especially regional brewers crafting special ales and lagers for holiday feasts and celebrations.  The flavors of these festive releases are the perfect match for the decadent foods and overall merriment of the season, plus they make perfect gifts for your beer-loving friends. Have you tried our Pick 6?  You can customize your own 6 pack at Price Chopper with your favorite brew, a seasonal variety you’d like to try  or a local craft beer!  We carry between 60-100 varieties of beer including the below favorites:
  • Sam Adams
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Blue Moon
  • Shock Top
  • Longtrail
  • Goose Island
  • Magic Hat552013_3
  Our growlers complete your holiday celebration whether you’re hosting or attending a party!  If you live by our Market Bistro, Saratoga (Rt. 50), Malta or Bethlehem stores, stop by and see what’s on tap! Growler5

2 responses to “Seasonal Brews!”

  1. aabby says:

    Please explain how to do the pick 6; do you just go through the cardboard cases and pick out a bottle? Does store staff then refill the carton or what?

  2. Ted Maxwell says:

    Both of those Labatt “Prohibition Series” products are absolutely disgusting. It’s not only my palate but the general consensus of members of beer reviewing sites such as “Rate Beer” and “Beer Advocate”. the product is made out of the Genesee Brewery in Rochester, NY and has a very chemically taste and aroma. I very seldom pour beers down the drain but this one met the sink after a few sips. For what it is worth the Apple was slightly less gross than the Bourbon. Bad beer, avoid.

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