Saving with PepsiCo’s Moments to Save and Price Chopper!

Pepsi Moments to Save 

Price Chopper and Pepsi are teaming up to save you money!  If you check out your newspaper this Sunday, you will find many coupons on Pepsi Co items.  Additionally, Price Chopper is saving you even more on these items and giving you great fuel savings! If you use every offer, you can save $20 and if you purchase every item at Price Chopper you save an additional $28.16!  There is also a fuel savings of $6 if you spend $40 or more on Pepsi Co items.  That is a possible total savings of $54.16!  Check out your local Sunday paper to get these great coupons.  See all the Moments to Save below with additional Price Chopper Savings!
Pepsi  Moments to Save Offers Price Chopper Savings
Save $2 on 2 Lipton 12-Pk  2/$10.00
Save $1 off any 5 SoBe 20oz or Lipton Tea Singles 5/$5.00
Save $1 on any Tostitos + Dip 2/$7.00
Save $1.00 on 2  2L Max 2/$2.00
Save $1 on any 2 Cheetos or Fritos 2/$6.00
Save $1 Off any 2 Sierra Mist 2L 2/$2.00
Save $1 off of any 2 Sunchips 2/$6.00
Save $1 off Propel 24oz Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Save $2 off 2 Starbucks Frapp 4-pks $5.99
Save $2 on 20-ct Frito Lay Variety Pac $6.99
Also, don’t forget to check out these other great Moments to Save offers: Buy 2 Cheetos, get FREE Pepsi Max 2L (up to $1.00 value) and Buy Tositos + Dip, get FREE Diet Pepsi 2L. Wondering where you can find the closest newspaper with the Moments to Save insert? Just click here and plug in your zip code to find all the newspapers near you to help you start saving!

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