Ragu and Ronzoni: A Match Made in Heaven!

What goes together better than pasta and sauce?  This week in our ad, we are featuring a coupon for two great products, Ragu Pasta Sauce and Ronzoni Pasta.  These products have been staple items in kitchens around the country for many years.  They are the perfect way to create an affordable and quick dinner for your family on-the-go.   What’s your family’s favorite type of pasta; spaghetti, penne, rigatoni?? The possibilities are endless with Ronzoni’s great selection of Italian style pastas.  Check out Ronzoni’s website to see what all of their products have to offer as well as great pasta recipes! http://ronzoni.newworldpasta.com/index.cfm

Ragu Sauce is great on any type of pasta, but also goes well with other meals such as chicken parmesan and pizza!  Many of Ragu’s sauces have tons of vegetables that will help you get your daily serving.   Check out Ragu’s website for an endless amount of recipes, including a special recipe of the day, that your family is sure to love! http://www.ragu.com/index.php/recipeslanding

Don’t forget to check out our ad this week for a coupon for both of these products.  When you purchase two Ragu Sauces at an AdvantEdge price of 2/$3, you get one box of Ronzoni FREE!

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