Price Chopper and Unilever Holiday Traditions Contest!

The holidays are a time for starting new traditions as well as continuing those already in place at your family gatherings.  Many families get together to watch their favorite sporting events at this time of year because so many teams are at the peak of their seasons.  We want to know how you and your family incorporate sports or games into your holiday get-togethers, whether it is by watching the Bowl Championship Series game together, playing a family game of football outside, or playing a favorite board game.  Tell us your story below as well as on the corresponding Facebook post to be entered into our contest.  Post your story by 8am on December 19th and you could be one of the winners!  Two grand prize winners will each receive a $100 gift card of their choice and four additional winners will each receive a $50 gift card of their choice (gift cards must be sold at Price Chopper).  Please read official contest rules here

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11 responses to “Price Chopper and Unilever Holiday Traditions Contest!”

  1. Jamie Ramirez says:

    My kids and I always have a tradition of playing I Spy with our favorite Christmas I Spy book that is kept packed away every year with the Christmas decorations. When we unpack all of our decorations we get really excited when we find the book. Its been a tradition of ours for some years now. This year was different. My daughter since was married and moved away to another state. I was saddened when I saw the book because her and I bonded very closely playing this game every year. So…to keep the tradition alive I have been sending pictures of the pages in the book through facebook posts and we are able to still play even though we cant be together. So the tradition lives on…. and we will find a way to make sure it will always, for years to come.

  2. Paulette says:

    During our family Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve, we enjoy a delicous dinner with all our siblings, spouses and children, All the adults buy gifts for the kids but because there is SOOO many of us, (25 adults plus 15 kids), we stopped buying the adults gifts. Instead we play a game called “dirty santa”. After the kids have opened their gifts and are settled playing with the new toys and watching movies, the adults now have their time! Each person is asked to bring a gift (a price limit is set and it could be anything from a beautiful picture frame to a gag gift!) We take turns reaching into Santa’s bag and pulling out a gift! One person at a time chooses a gift feels it, shakes it ect. The person to the right of the hostess goes first. They can change gifts with anyone in the group but only up to 3 times. After everyone has had chances to switch gifts up to 3 times, everyone opens their gift. Sometimes you get something nice or a used old bottle opener but whatever your 3rd change is, is the one that is yours! We have a ball laughing and stealing others gifts hoping to get the BEST one! When the game is done, we share a toast for the year gone by and the new one coming up and off to midnite mass we go! Christmas time is about fun, family and the Birth of Jesus and my family covers all the basis! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

  3. We have the usual holiday traditions in our family. Family time, festive dinners, sharing what we are thankful for, exchanging gifts, decorating the tree, etc. When we were children, we would spend time together playing board games after dinner, usually Trivial Pursuit. We’re a competitive bunch and would have great fun teasing and laughing as we played on teams. (We had too many people at that time for what the game called for, but it was always more fun to play as a team anyway.) When I was older, I was given the best Scrabble game ever! It had dark wooden letter tiles that even smelled good and sounded inviting when one would dip into the blue letter pouch for tiles and the tiles would click-click-click against each other. The board itself was 3D; there were clear plastic edges around each letter space so the tiles wouldn’t shift around while we played. And, the board was raised up on a lazy-susan type bottom so each player could turn the board when it was his/her turn. Now, we are a lot older and still pull out this Scrabble game. We are teaching our own children how to play the game. I have looked everywhere and never found another Scrabble board like this one. I always tease my mother because she has “given” me all sorts of toys, other games, books, and the likes, to take home from her house to my own house now that I’m grown, but not once has she even hinted I should take my one of a kind Scrabble game home with me. That’s okay though because for now, the game is where we can all play it together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Scrabble with the deluxe lazy-susan board and letter tiles is where “it is at” for my family!

  4. Linda says:

    We have a few Christmas traditions. One is every Christmas when we put up the tree my kids get a new ornament. I started doing that when my youngest daughter was a newborn she is 25 now. Another tradition is new pj’s on Christmas Eve. Last but not least is we have this little Elf called pickles that is hidden on Christmas Eve and who ever finds him first Christmas morning gets to open up the first present.

  5. JoHanna Schultz says:

    This is the second year of my new blended family. We have four children, ages 7, 8, 13 and 14. We put on coordinating (not matching) pajamas, open one present each and then we play Scrabble. This is our Christmas Eve routine. Then we open all of the presents on Christmas morning and have a giant breakfast prepared by Dad. The Girls are then dropped off at their Mother’s house. Dad, Evin and myself then head to spend the day with my parents, brother and his family. We then prepare Christmas dinner and watch the games that are on after opening the presents from them.

  6. The Saturday before Christmas every year our family has a big family Christmas party- we do this the week before so everyone can be there! We serve my Grandpa Johnnys Legendary homemade eggnog, take pictures of the group with silly Christmas hats (different ones each year) and we torture the kids and make them wait to open their presents. The party is at a different house each year, and the host gets to make the toast, which is our Scottish family’s motto- “Meane Well, Speake Well, and Doe Well” (yes I know, it has an extra E- only English you know)… anyway- we have a great time & to me, that is what Christmas is all about- celebrating with family…

  7. Kimberly Taylor says:

    Price Chopper is an important part of our holiday traditions. First, I head to my Price Chopper for some candy for a daily treat for advent as we count down to Christmas. Next, we place pickle ornaments on our tree for our two boys — they are hard to find with the green on green. But once they are found, a small gift is received. This year I gave hotwheels cars with a candy theme on them found by the checkout of my local Price Chopper. Of course, no Christmas would be complete without baking Christmas cookies –my Price Chopper has it all from flour, to sugar, to frostings and decorations. Once Christmas Eve arrives, we play Christmas Bingo with lottery tickets from Price Chopper as the prizes. We snack on cheese, crackers, shrimp, cocktail sauce and other goodies from Price Chopper as well. My youngest son places some of the cookies we baked out for Santa and places a special “key” for Santa on our front door. Once the boys are a sleep — which takes a long time with all of the excitement — as Christmas awaits. On Christmas morning, our boys awake to find toys and presents under the tree. Price Chopper has a great assortment of toys at terrifc prices which I can pick up for my younger son. Of course the boys can’t wait to open their stockings which abound with candies, small toys, and personal products such as Axe deordorant and body washes — thanks again Price Chopper (& Unilever). I also make sure before Christmas to visit the gift card rack at my Price Chopper where I pick up gift cards for Grandma and Great Grandma — all while earning gas points! Later in the afternoon, we eat a big meal with ham — Great Grandma’s favorite. Fortunately, Price Chopper has great hams. Our Christmas traditions are meaningful and Price Chopper helps us bring those to life — from our family to yours — thank you and Happy Holidays!

  8. Kimberly Taylor says:

    Thank you very much and happy holidays!

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