National Beer Day

National Beer Day

For us Norhteasterners, there’s nothing quite like the days getting longer and the sunshine bringing the temperature outside up a few degrees. Luckily for us, one of the most important national days happens to coincide with our great thaw, and that day is National Beer Day! Now if you’re like us, you may celebrate National Beer Day several times a week. But since today is the official day to celebrate, I thought we’d take a peek at a few of best fitting beer styles for the Spring.

Wheat Beer, also known as Heffeweizen and Wittbier

This beer style is primarily known for wheat being it’s chief grain, hence the name. Light and cloudy, examples of this beer range from popular brands like Blue Moon to more regional classics like Allagash White. Many breweries have a wheat beer on their roster, so take a stroll down the beer aisle of your Price Chopper or Market 32 and pick one out. They pair incredibly well with grilled fish tacos, teriyaki chicken skewers and thai food.



A classic style from Germany, it’s an easy drinking golden beer that’s refreshing without being boring. The perfect style to pick-up during a warm spring afternoon, you can find a Kolsch on the roster of many American breweries. Try Canoe Paddler from Leinenkugels or Sweet Spot from Harpoon, both great Kolsch style beers. They pair nicely with most seasonal dishes, but do especially well with pizza and salads featuring goat cheese and pears.



Haling from Belgium, this style of beer is known for it’s yeasty and sometimes spicy character and amber color. They’re often referred to as farmhouse ales, and they’re the perfect complex flavor profile for our northeaster spring. Luckily, we’re proud to be neighbors to a world class brewery who happens to make one of the finest examples of farmhouse ales. Located in Cooperstown, NY, Ommegang has an oustanding roster of beers, and one of their oringal and best know beers is Hennepin. Pair Saison’s with brie cheese, lemong-pepper chicken wings, and of course, mussels and frites.

Celebrate National Beer Day!


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