Memorial Day… a time for celebration and rememberance.

How do you celebrate Memorial Day? Do you commemorate those who have bravely served our country with a special routine, such as visiting or decorating a memorial site? Do you attend a parade, or kick off the start to summer with a barbeque and some patriotic food, such as an American flag cake?

Whatever your Memorial Day celebration may include, we want to hear about it. Tell us how you celebrate Memorial Day to make it a special holiday and you could win $$ to throw your own House of BBQ party! Please be sure to comment on both this blog post and on our Facebook page to be entered into the contest. Two winners will be selected to each receive $150 in Price Chopper gift certificates.  (Please read all Official Rules below.)

Did you know…

-The name for the holiday gradually changed from “Decoration Day” to “Memorial Day”.   In 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday to be celebrated the last Monday in May.

-Each year on Memorial Day a national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 pm local time. 

-Currently, Memorial Day is celebrated at Arlington National Cemetery with a ceremony in which a small American flag is placed on each grave.  Also, it is customary for the President or Vice President to give a speech honoring the contributions of the dead and lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 


Price Chopper wishes you and your family a happy Memorial Day!

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31 responses to “Memorial Day… a time for celebration and rememberance.”

  1. jessica lardeo says:

    My daughter is a Girl Scout, so every year we participate in the parade here. Her troop marches every year. Then we have a BBQ!!

  2. This weekend, my parents will be taking a long weekend and coming up from Baltimore to visit with us.

  3. Erika says:

    We celebrate memorial day with a family BBQ. We started when our oldest was just 2 months old in 2005 and havn’t missed a year yet! it’s always a great time!

  4. aurora mattison says:

    I belong to a volunteer EMS agency and march, along with my husband, in three different parades. My two sons ride in a trailer being towed by our 1st response vehicle…

  5. Lisa Stowell says:

    Every year come rain or shine, as a family we pack up our campers and go camping. We have a convoy of campers heading to the park. Spending quality time with the ones i love 🙂 This year , my cousin, Nathan will be proudly serving overseas. XOXOXO

  6. Pamela Petralia says:

    We go to the parade, pray for those who have and are serving in the armed forces and celebrate the holiday with family gatherings.

  7. Michaeline Pashley says:

    Every Memorial Day we go to Lake George with out best friends and our daughters and eat lunch, shop, and go for a boat ride around the lake!

  8. Kara Hendrick says:

    Memorial is one of my favorite days to celebrate, not only because its a day we honor the service men and woman, and it my 11 year old daughters birthday, or because it’s the kick off of wearing WHITE pants again, but for our family, its the kick off of a wonderful summer season ahead… We have a BBQ, a balloon toss game, Ice Cream eating contest, the kids usually decorate their own flower pot and later that night, we hang out around the bon fire and talk about what our hopes and dreams are for the summer! Its going to be a wonderful 2011 Memorial Day Celebration!

  9. nichole mccann says:

    We go to the memorial day parade and later beach then BBQ hopefully mu brother will be here this year he is a Marine and we dont see him often.

  10. Jenn L says:

    We do a family camping trip every memorial day. We pick a campground and the whole family goes. About 50 of us! Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, neices and nephews. Its a great weekend with games, BBQs and fun!

  11. Clair Hesselton says:

    For more then 10 years my wife and I had the privilege to represent EPVA and then United Spinal Association in Washington DC at the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetary. 
    Upon retiring from this Veterans position my wife and I will gather friends and family and morn  the passing of our friends and celebrate the renewal of summer. 
    We have planned a BBQ to celebrate the summer with my 93yr old Mother in Law.

  12. Mary Lowery says:

    1st we deliver flowers to all the family members that are no longer with us. 2nd we bbq and make new memories on Memorial Day!

  13. Christine says:

    My family enjoys a trip to the grave sites of many of our family members. We have a memorial prayer service and all the children read outloud the contributions our families have made in making our country better. This instills optimism and hope in our children, on what they can achieve in their personal lives. We close out the evening with a family gathering at the oldest members home for barbecue fellowship and fun.

  14. Liz Walsh says:

    I remember when the local VFW post would have a parade on Memorial Day that went right by our house. We would sit on the curb, waving our flags, as the veterens marched by. This year we went to downtown Scranton to watch the armed forces parade, which was last weekend.
    Getting the family and friends together for the First Party of the Summer!! is the best of the year. Making a red, white and blue jello salad is one of my favorite desserts.

  15. Domenica says:

    My family celebrates by going to the cemetary in the morning and in the afternoon the entire family (all 18 of us) gets together to celebrate my nephew’s birthday (this year he will turn 21).

  16. michelle says:

    Each year we plant flowers on a veteran’s grave that doesn’t have any other flowers planted on it. We have never known the individuals we plant for, and it makes us feel good to honor someone who did so much for us.

  17. jenny warner says:

    This Memorial Day my husband , I and my two kids will probably stay home and relax. We might invite a couple of friends over and throw something on the barbecue.

  18. Megan says:

    Memorial day is special to me because its my birthday weekend as well as a celebration of my family. My father is a former marine and my brother is currently serving as a marine. We go fishing up north all day and have not one but two cook outs! One for lunch and one for dinner. Its a special way for my family to come together and relax as well ad cherish our time together!

  19. andrea amrhein says:

    We celebrate our country, family and friends by having a big picnic and pool party with food bought at our local Price Chopper. With the money saved at Price Chopper we are able to purchase some flowers to plant at our familiy memorial site. We end the night with going to see a display of patriotic fireworks….. Can’t wait to celebrate!!!!
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  20. April Amos says:

    Not doing much really cant afford a cook out so maybe some spring cleaning (lol)

  21. Julie says:

    My family and I celebrate Memorial Day by, of course, having a big cook out! But we take reflection on all of those who have given their lives and their time, in the past, present, and future, to help our country achieve our freedom. My dad was in the air force so Memorial Day hits very close to home for us. I’m starting a new tradition this year by donating to our local Food Pantry to help needy families and veterans.

  22. andrea amrhein says:

    with a picnic and family and friends

  23. Lisa Marks says:

    We go to the morning parade. Then to Saratoga for a family picnic, plus it’s my birthday and we have cake and ice-cream. I love Memorial Day!

  24. Emmy says:

    Celebrate the Holiday with Family and Friends and BBQ! Vt winters keep everyone in so Memorial Day weekend is when we all get together, share stories,remember those that are not with us and cherish those that are. It’s the beginning summer!

  25. Every Memorial Day is spent a little different but the one constant is remembering the ones who have gone on before us. Whether it be the soldiers or complete strangers or beloved family and friends, they are remembered in a few minutes of silence.

  26. Amy Margavitch says:

    I used to love going to my town’s Memorial Day parade when I was little, and I still love going to the Parade. I go to cookouts in the afternoon or evening.

  27. Heidi Kloczkowski says:

    We celebrate Memorial Day by remembering the service and sacrifices made by our heroes! We do this with a huge family BBQ. In honor of the holiday my sister-in-laws and I have a ‘red, white and blue’ competition where we see who can make the most patriotic, or ‘red, white and blue’ dish. This year thanks to Price Chopper I will be able to prepare my dessert dish for less! Everything I need is on sale! Strawberry’s and Blackberries for $2.99 a container! And Reddi Wip topping, 2 for $4! That’s a ‘sweet’ deal! Thank you Price Chopper for making this and every holiday affordable & memorable!

  28. Marilyn Fuller says:

    Our Memorial Day celebration always starts the Wednesday before when Scotia has their Memorial Day Parade, one of my kids is usually marching in it. Then on Memorial Day we usually picnic at Shaftsbury State Park in VT.

  29. Mary says:

    I put out flags and attend our local parade. Depending on the crowd and whatever else is going on, I may stay for the service afterward. Regardless, I never want to forget the sacrifices of our fallen servicemen and servicewomen, and their families. Then I have a bbq with family.

  30. brenda webb says:

    Interesting information about the holiday. Thank you for sharing!

  31. mary brenner says:

    we celebrate with friends and family going to the parade,then coming home and having a big cookout.very simple but alot of fun with the kids.and of coarse all my meats and essentials come from my vernon,ctp.c! they have the best deals and the greatest staff! janet,vanessa,etc are always bubbly and so helpful and accomodating.

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