Mealtime is Better Together 11/17

It’s that time again, friends and family are making plans for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving. But what’s a fun holiday together without delicious food? That’s where our Family Meals Movement comes in. As you look ahead to the holidays, you can relax knowing we will continue to provide yummy snack and meal ideas for you and your loved ones; all season long!

During the holidays, together is better, even before the meal. One of the best ways to gain quality time with family is by preparing the food as a team. It’s a fun way to get the kids involved in the action as well. Check out the “Holiday Helpers” section of the family meals page family meals page for tips and tricks to share the joy of cooking with children of different ages. Matching responsibilities to age and skill level ensures that everyone plays a helpful role in the holiday experience. Plus, it’s a never a bad idea to get an early start learning your way around a kitchen!

Now, onto the food, starting with breakfast! The holidays are super busy; from the moment you wake up life is filled with nonstop action and preparation.  However, it’s essential to save time for breakfast. For a quick, easy start, pick up a pack of 24 count Eggo Waffles from your local store. Top with fresh berries or one of our favorites, frozen Wyman’s Berries, and you’re off on the right foot.

As all of us in the Northeast know, this time of year is COLD! And there’s nothing like a delicious family meal to keep your spirits warm. We’ve put together a few easy options for dinner this week and throughout the holiday season.


• Try Market 32 meatloaf mix with PICS frozen veggies, complete with a Kings Hawaiian Dinner Roll on the side.

• Sheet Pan Skinless Market 32 Chicken Thighs or Tenders are also a great option. They’re perfect with a side of Little Potato Company Gourmet Potatoes. Simply oil the pan and dust the chicken and potatoes with garlic powder, onion powder and sweet paprika. Serve with a Fresh Express Salad Blend.

• Sheet Pan Roasted Ham Steak with Apples and Martin Farms Cut Butternut Squash is a satisfying holiday meal for the whole family. If you’re seeking optimal flavor, drizzle with PICS Maple Syrup.

In between meals, it’s important to keep your body moving with some healthy snacks. Give Market 32 Nut Tubs a try, or use Sabra Hummus as a dip for your fresh cut veggie tray. Otherwise, make your own fruit cup with fresh cut fruits.

Finally, we always leave some room for dessert. We love this easy, seasonal recipe for apple dumplings. The best part about this recipe is that even the kids can help! Check out the video below, and if you don’t have time to make dough, pick up a package of Refrigerated Wewalka Pie Crust.

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