Mealtime is Better Together: The Big Dinner Game

The Big Dinner Game

Here comes the Super Bowl, and you want to have some great food, but need time to make your party game come together. We have some plays that will set you up for a win on Sunday and all week long!

First Quarter – start the week with this slow cooker pulled pork recipe Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders. Pair up with Bakery Cornbread. Shred the pork, season with spices or your favorite PICS BBQ Sauce, and freeze the rest for game day. Check out the home.grown. section of the store for some great local sauce options – put them out with the remaining pulled pork and offer a pulled pork slider bar! Some fresh Market 32 coleslaw completes that part of your event.

Second quarter – White Chicken Chili, another versatile meal that can be an easy weeknight meal. The recipe can be doubled/frozen/served on game day. Add fresh color with some chopped avocado, PICS Sour Cream and PICS Tortilla Chips and add to your game day buffet!

Third Quarter – Buffalo Rotisserie Chicken with an Iceberg lettuce Wedge Salad/Marzetti Blue Cheese dressing combo play add points to the board and points to your AdvantEdge card.  

Fourth Quarter – PICS Hummus, Market 32 Fresh Guacamole, Market 32 Fresh 7 Layer Bean Dip, Fruit Burst Bowl and a fresh Veggie Platter team up create a snack play that everyone loves. This strategy means you have great snacks for the week and for the game.

Celebrate your win – Sweet treat Bakery fresh Gourmet Brownies and Halo Clementines make the final play fresh and fun!


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