Mealtime is Better Together 12/8

How many times has this happened – you have a busy week, not sure you will be able to get everything done, and then – the weather slows you down (or stops you completely), or someone gets sick, and your whole plan is out the window? We can help you restore some of the balance to your week with grocery delivery or click and collect pick up! A few minutes shopping with us online could get back on track with your busy holiday season. And, if you are trying to stay focused on your giving and gifting, check out our meal ideas to make that cyber shopping even faster!

The weather outside may be frightful, but these meals are just delightful! Keep everyone happy at the table with tender Certified Angus Beef Braciole, substitute Botticelli Pasta Sauce for the tomatoes and spices in this recipe for Slow Cooked Beef and Mushroom Braciole, paired with a Fresh Express Salad Blend and Bakery Italian Bread to kick off the week. Leftovers, (if you have any), make a great lunch for work the next day. Keep the second loaf of bread and jar of sauce handy for an easy, cheesy dinner made with frozen PEDE Ravioli, made right here in Schenectady County by one of our home.grown. local partners.  The Botticelli Sauce and Bakery Italian Bread will get everyone to the table in a flash! In between, enjoy some NEW fresh stuffed fish – salmon, cod and haddock options mean something for everyone. Tender and quick cooking, each with a savory filling, paired with fresh asparagus or baby carrots is a seafood and produce power play. If you don’t have time to cook fresh, frozen is right there waiting – PICS Steambag Veggies, Green Giant Boxed Frozen Veggies, or Pict Sweet Farm Favorites. Double up servings of your favorite frozen produce for an easy way to eat more vegetables – only 1 in 10 of us get enough! Eating more seafood and produce are both smart moves – together they bring you closer to meeting nutrition recommendations for children and adults alike. 

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