Mealtime is Better Together 12/15

Spending time with friends and family, sharing a family recipe, connecting in ways large and small – all are part of the experience of eating together – these are a few of our favorite things. This is especially true during the holidays – so much fun to be had creating and enjoying special treats and heirloom eats. As the holiday rush gets into full swing, these quick meals and snack ideas will keep you and your family fueled well for all the season’s festivities!

Check out the Family Meals page for solutions and serving suggestions that focus on sale items this week, like One-Pan Garlic Chicken and veggies, easy to make and clean up; family (and office party!) favorite, fresh Corner to Corner pizza; oldie but goodie Tuna Melts and a quick salad kit, and versatile, heat and eat Ham on sale,  paired with fresh green beans and Market 32 Gourmet Potatoes. Yum and Done!

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