Mealtime is Better Together 11/24

The official start of the holiday season is upon us! It’s the best time of year for sharing and caring, especially through wonderful food. Some quick meal ideas will help you manage the week, while Thanksgiving Day hacks and helpers will lead you to success this year.

One of our favorite parts of Thanksgiving are the leftovers – find yummy recipes to rescue the leftovers and enjoy them just as much the second time around. On top of that, we’re offering up ideas to help you entertain your guests all day long. After all, Thanksgiving has been called the ultimate family meal, so we’re providing all the steps we can towards a grateful gathering.

Do you know why you love this holiday so much? Favorite foods, favorite people, and favorite way to spend time – in the company of those who are important to you. We know you have a lot to prepare this week, so meal and snack suggestions are fuss-free so you can stay fresh and focused! Check out:

• Fresh Pork Tenderloin roast with a side of salad and Bakery sweet potato pie!

• 10-Minute Microwave Magic – Seal and Cook Seafood/Fresh Veggie/Herb Butter Meal paired with PICS Ready Rice or Quinoa.

• Snack Savvy – Red grape, black and green grapes and Halo Clementines are grab and go!

• Signature Sip – Pomegranate Cranberry Poinsetta cocktail or mocktail for children and adults!  

• App Tactic – Variety apple slices (McIntosh, Granny Smith, and Honey Crisp?) as “crackers”, soft and hard cheese slices, and those tri-color grapes make a light and fresh start. Or, wow guests with this beautiful Cheese Board.

• Leftover Love – Pilgrim Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese Sliders, Rachel Ray Turkey and Stuffin’ Soup…YUM!

When it comes to a meal as big as Thanksgiving, leftovers are inevitable. Make sure you store them appropriately for the longest lasting freshness possible. Check out some of our tips on leftover storage below:

• Refrigerate or freeze leftover turkey, stuffing and gravy within 2 hours of serving

• Divide large quantities into smaller portions to chill more quickly

• Store leftover turkey in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, and stuffing and gravy 1 –2 days

• Bring leftover gravy to a rolling boil before serving

• For longer storage, properly wrap and place in freezer and use within a month


There’s a lot to keep track of while preparing for Thanksgiving, especially if you’re hosting. Here’s a few helpful hacks to make your day go as smooth as possible.

• Prep-power – Get platters, special servers, tablecloths and napkins washed and ready the weekend before. Check your stock of aluminum foil, food storage containers with matching lids, wraps and baggies, and add them to your shopping list as needed.

• Collaborate – Is there a famous family pie maker? Have them show off their talents and get dessert off your prep list. Or, find some wonderful choices in the store!

• Designate – One family photographer to take the beauty shots for the meal and the table celebration picture and share later. Label a basket with a sign “Grateful to Spend Time with You” and invite guests to leave phones there during the meal.

It’s hard to think about food for the rest of the week when you’re so focused on Thanksgiving. That’s why we’ve come up a few easy meal solutions for you and your family when turkey is not the main dish. Try Fresh Pork Tenderloin with your favorite seasonings, served with a surprise side of Bakery Sweet Potato Pie and a Fresh Express Honey Pecan Salad Kit. Seafood is another great option, Seal and Cook Fresh Seafood, Veggie, and Herb Butter meal served with PICS Crescent Rolls. For a quick and easy meal, enjoy Fresh Prepared Heat and Eat Meal Options – Pasta, Chicken Breast, and more! For a savory snack, grab some Black, Red, or Green Grapes, or Halo Clementines.

Happy Thanksgiving!









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