Magnum Ice Cream for Mom!

  What’s the best memory you have with your mom? We know it’s hard to pick just one, but tell us in the comments of our Facebook status and you’ll have a chance to win one of two $250 SpaFinder gift certificates from Magnum Ice Cream!

On Mother’s Day, you want to give mom a chance to indulge and relax.

Magnum Ice Cream is a perfect way for mom to indulge! It’s a premium brand that’s just arrived in the U.S.after decades of popularity abroad. There’s a flavor for every taste including varieties like Double Chocolate and Almond!

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There’s no better way for mom to relax than a day at the spa! SpaFinder gift certificates are accepted at 6,000 spas around the globe. They can be used for any spa treatment of the recipient’s choice such as relaxing massages, luxurious facials, fine beauty products, and more.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, May 5th, 2011.

Here are some fun facts about Mother’s Day gathered from around the internet to keep in mind as you celebrate:

  • In the vast majority of the world’s languages, the word for “mother” begins with the letter M.
  • Anna Jarvis started the modern celebration of Mother’s Day in 1912, but later protested against the commercialization of the holiday.
  • Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year to eat out at a restaurant according to the National Restaurant Association.
  • Moms liked the names Isabella and Jacob best in 2009 – they were the most popular girl and boy baby names, respectively.

Happy Mother’s Day from Price Chopper and Magnum!

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13 responses to “Magnum Ice Cream for Mom!”

  1. Karen Bessette says:

    I remember we had an Ice storm and no power, my mother reassured us things would be okay she read to us and helped us build a fort with blankets. She made a bunch of snacks we made the best out of a bad situation.My mother was a wonderful lady kind to all who knew her she is deeply missed.She passed away 17 yrs ago from a massive heart attack at the age of 59. She would always tell us if you have nothing good to say then say nothing!!!

  2. Judy Cummings says:

    I think the best memory I have with my Mom is when we made a 50th anniversary gift for my grandparents. We wanted to make something unique so we decided to make a coin umbrella. This is what we did…. we got 50 cent coins (half dollars) with each year that they were married (we actually found that there were 2 years that they didn’t make half dollars so we had to duplicate the year on 2 of them) and we made an umbrella out of them and then under the umbrella shape, we got quarters using the the birth years of my Dad and my aunts and uncles for each of the quarters and then under each quarter we used nickles for each year of the birth dates of the grandchildren for each and then used dimes for each of the great grandchildren. The coins for the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were the rain drops. We then mounted the whole thing using a satin cloth as the back ground and framed it. It cost us a lot more than we figured as we had to go to coin dealers for some of the coins but it was so much fun doing it and going to the bank purchasing rolls of coins to look for certain dates. It took us months to get all the coins. My grandparents just loved it and they even left it to me in their will. It is a memory that I will always cherish with my Mom. Being a mother now, I appreciate all the little things that my Mom did with me and for me. I just wish she was still here to enjoy moments like this again.

  3. Debi says:

    My favorite memory with my Mom (and it’s hard to choose!) is when she walked in my hospital room last year and met her granddaughter for the first time. The overwhelming happiness and pride in her eyes is something I will never forget.

  4. Michelle says:

    September 11, 2001 is a date no one will ever forget. Tragedy had struck, and my mother and I had bonded over a relief effort. I was in the girlscouts at the time (troop 121), and my mother, my fellow girlscouts, and myself had a tractor trailer donated to us to fill with goods to drive down to Ground Zero. I had so much respect for my mother, and loved every single minute of packing boxes right next to her to send the many firefighters, police officers, and local volunteers. For a week straight we were up at dawn and worked past sunset to make sure our truck was as full as it could have been with clothes, shoes, soaps, non-perishable foods, and many other misc. items. My mother and I grew together in our way of helping others that needed it the most, and she helped me become the person that I am today. I will never forget that week and the many memories that came from the huge relief effort that took place.

  5. Mandy Evans says:

    On of my favorite memories spent with my mom is when I was in my late teens. She taught me how to make homemade meals and eat together as a family. We had fun cooking and always are best friends. Now I am 31 yrs old and she is sick. So she is unable to cook. I love the fact she taught me what she knew w/out me realizing it and Love to make her homemade meals. I also like it when our family is around to enjoy it with us. My mom made me who I am today. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love how my sisters compare are styles of food just a like. My mom is my hero. She is a strong women and I love her so much!

  6. megan says:

    We came from humble beginnings and yet my mother gave me the world. Out of all my memories the one I love to think back on most was probably when I was eight years old and it was the middle of January, absolutely freezing cold as one can imagine, and I came across an old pair of ice skates hanging in my basement and they just so happen to fit perfectly (what are the odds of that!). I waited excited all day for my mom to get home from work so that I could beg her to take me ice skating. She wound up not coming home until ten o’clock or later that night and I was so very disappointed because I was almost certain it was too late to go, but too my surprise my mother bundled me up in my warmest coat, scarf and mittens, and we drove down a long winding road to a secluded pond on the other side of town called Hedden Park. We were completely alone, just my mother, the woods and I, and had the pond all too ourselves. There was a single light post that shown down on us and soon it began to flurry and I swear I could hear every snowflake as it fell to the ground. It was just so peaceful and so special and so much fun. I will never forget the sound of the snow and serenity of the pond, or my wonderful mother twirling me around and around. That night I learned to ice skate. I will never ever forget it !

  7. ann says:

    My mother had a very rough childhood, her own mother left her and her sisters without notice. My mother will be the first to tell you that my grandmother was less than a mother to her, but despite all, my mother was there for my grandmother everyday. We would visit and my mother and grandmother would laugh as if all the bad never happened. I guess that is the best thing I remember. My mother rose above the broken home she had, and did her best to raise me. All my memories of her doing her best, and knowing where she came from, but she never once let that get to her. I love that my mother is the strong woman she is today. That is the memory I will always hold dear.

  8. JANET HOFFMAN says:


  9. Barbara Grimshaw says:

    When I think of my mom I find myself going back to when I was pregnant with my youngest child. I had a 4 yr. old and an almost
    2 yr old in a body cast and I was due in a few months for my third child. Plus I worked full time and we owned a 6 bedroom home out in the country. Needless to say I had my hands full. One day I was trying to clean out my hutch and my daughter who was in the body cast was driving me crazy trying to drag stuff all over or put stuff back in to ‘help’ mommy. My mom walked in just as I started to cry and she asked me what was wrong. I cried, “Look at me I’m about to have child #3 and I can’t handle the ones I have…I’m a failure as a mother, a failure as a wife, a failure as a woman!” (I was having a major pity party!) Mom said, “You know when you kids were young I can’t say as I ever neglected you..but having a clean house and taking care of the yard work were so very important to me; now you kids are all grown up and there are no fingerprints to clean off the walls or huge batches of laundry waiting to be done or big meals to be made and now I wish I had spent more time just playing with you kids instead of worrying about all the work to be done.” That sure set me up to take notice and re-evaluate my priorities. That memory is one I often repeat to frustrated new moms.

  10. Erin Manning says:

    My best memory of my mom involves a couple of things. First is when I was really little I would sit on her lap and put my head on her chest and she would sing Patsy Cline songs to me, and then when I got a little older we would dance around the kitchen to those very same Patsy Cline songs, I can’t hear one today without thinking of her. While I love those memories I would have to say the best memory I have is sitting next to my mother at HVCC graduation both in our cap and gowns. Me being 20 and mother being 49, and the first in her family to graduate from college. There was no better feeling or sight then to watch my mom graduate that day!!!!!

  11. mary says:

    my memory doesnt go back to my birth but if it did it would be my best memory of my mom cause that would be the day i met my best friend for life!!

  12. JoAnn Cotterell says:

    I have so many precious memories of my mom. The awesome fried bread dough she’d make at night and it would just lay there in our stomachs. The sacrifices she made so that my brother and sister and I could have those special little things and the comedy she wrote with me in 5th grade based on Cleopatra…”you too brute”!! It’s true that we don’t realize what we have till it’s gone and I lost my mom in 1993. But I see great moms everyday that do the cooking and the sacrificing and just the funny things. These are the women I would give ice cream to!

  13. Kristen Rajewski says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is when I was growing up she made sure that we all ate together as a family every, single night. This kept us close as a family. When I started working she would bring me a whole plate of hot food to eat at work… on break if I missed dinner. I appreciate her doing that and now every night each dinner my husband and I eat together. It is a great way to catch up on our day and spend time with eachother while enjoying great food 🙂

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