Magnum Ice Cream for Mom!

  What’s the best memory you have with your mom? We know it’s hard to pick just one, but tell us in the comments of our Facebook status and you’ll have a chance to win one of two $250 SpaFinder gift certificates from Magnum Ice Cream!

On Mother’s Day, you want to give mom a chance to indulge and relax.

Magnum Ice Cream is a perfect way for mom to indulge! It’s a premium brand that’s just arrived in the U.S.after decades of popularity abroad. There’s a flavor for every taste including varieties like Double Chocolate and Almond!

Also, check out the Coupons tab on our Facebook page to save $1.25 off of a Magnum Ice Cream three pack! The coupon is valid between May 2, 2011 and May 7, 2011.

There’s no better way for mom to relax than a day at the spa! SpaFinder gift certificates are accepted at 6,000 spas around the globe. They can be used for any spa treatment of the recipient’s choice such as relaxing massages, luxurious facials, fine beauty products, and more.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, May 5th, 2011.

Here are some fun facts about Mother’s Day gathered from around the internet to keep in mind as you celebrate:

  • In the vast majority of the world’s languages, the word for “mother” begins with the letter M.
  • Anna Jarvis started the modern celebration of Mother’s Day in 1912, but later protested against the commercialization of the holiday.
  • Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year to eat out at a restaurant according to the National Restaurant Association.
  • Moms liked the names Isabella and Jacob best in 2009 – they were the most popular girl and boy baby names, respectively.

Happy Mother’s Day from Price Chopper and Magnum!

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