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Instructor Taking Exercise Class At GymWhat’s your go-to workout routine?  Do you love a certain spinning class with your friends or maybe taking a brisk morning walk? Whatever type of exercise you choose to do, protein is a necessary component to getting the energy you need! Tell us about your workout routine and you could win a Spa Getaway courtesy of Lean 1! Lean lean1shakeimage1 (2)1 has the powerful nutrients you need to lose body fat as well as tone muscles—all in a meal replacement shake! It boosts energy levels and has over 20 grams of protein in every serving! Lean 1 is giving one of our lucky shoppers a $300 Spa Finder gift card as well as a $250 Marriot gift card towards a relaxing spa weekend getaway! Two first prize winners will each receive a month’s supply of Lean 1 as well as  Lean 1 T-shirts and three second prize winners will each receive Lean 1 T-shirts and Lean 1 shaker bottles! Simply leave your comment below and on our Facebook page by Friday, January 18th to be entered!  Read official contest rules here.

27 responses to “Lean 1 Giveaway!”

  1. Jodi says:

    C25K is my go to!

  2. lindsey says:

    I don’t have a workout routine yet, but I’m getting there. Right now it’s just crunches and playing with my daughter, I’m playing on starting Yoga soon too

  3. Michaeline Pashley says:

    Chasing my 3 year old around!

  4. Jessica O says:

    Every weekday at 5:30 am my team goes to RAC Rivera Athletic Center it’s a gym run by retired UFC/MMA fighter Jorge Rivera where we do strength and conditioning classes and Cardio Kickboxing Tue & Thurs. We spar hit punching bags jump rope flip tires ab work and soo soo much more we never do the same thing everyday!!

  5. Mary Lowery says:

    I walk in the park…its great exercise and very peaceful!

  6. Jennifer S. says:

    working out on my lunch hour with a co-worker friend!

  7. Richard R says:

    Going for an evening walk with the family.

  8. Maggie says:

    Just started a workout “routine” for the New Year and it’s working out great! I hit the gym for the elliptical and weights after work for an hour or so Monday-Friday, then try to get in a group class like Zumba on the weekend.. paired that with eating healthier and down 6lbs in 2 weeks 🙂 Protein Protein Protein!!

  9. Earl M says:

    A co-worker got me in a great routine! Whole grains, lot’s of protein, and enormous amounts of water! We go to the gym every morning before work and do cardio and strength training. I feel amazing! So much more energy!

  10. Michelle R says:

    I enjoy Wii Fitness during the winter months.

  11. Kate H says:

    My routine is to keep moving – spinning twice a week, zumba twice a week, water aerobics once a week and weights 2-3 times.. Sounds more intense than it is once you get into the routine

  12. Mary Ramo says:

    Walking the dog and chasing a niece and nephew around

  13. Karen Brown says:


  14. Nicole says:

    I walk on my breaks and at lunch time when I can.

  15. Mike S. says:

    I chase my son around.

  16. Jayme (JJ N) says:

    I like trying new classes with friends – we’ve done hot yoga, tabata, gravity yoga. Being able to laugh with friends while working out helps the time go by faster, and keeps your mind off the pain 🙂

  17. Terri G. says:

    Gotta love 5:30am spin class at Aspen Cicero, NY. We share everything including laundry tips. The class absolutely rocks!

  18. Shamara Parre says:

    I love to Jazzercise! Is like a girl’s night out with your friends but you get to sweat and burn calories! No one knows until they try how much fun it is. Let’s go dane to Pit Bull, Britney, Jlo, Taylor Swift and any other hit artists you can think of.

  19. Sharon O'Brien says:

    I am joining the Y today. A few years ago after ankle surgery I joined and it was the most successful program I have ever tried. Since that time I have had four more surgeries on my ankle with the last being an ankle fusion. I have gained back all the weight I lost and I am hoping that it will be as successful as last time.

  20. Megan E. says:

    I run two days a week, participate with a group of co-workers and a Jillian Micheals DVD three days a week and chase my kiddos on the weekends 🙂 We love to hike, ski, go for walks, ride our bikes,swim and just play! Teaching my children about playing, eating and staying healthy is my main priority!

  21. Chelsea P. says:

    I really need to work out more often. It is amazing how much better I feel after a workout!

  22. YDavis says:

    That’s cool! I do need to start working out. I have been watching what I eat and trying to eat healthy.

  23. Katherine meyer says:

    I start my day with a lean 1 shake and go for a walk with the dogs then are home with a toddler and a baby and get lotttts of exersise!!

  24. Lacey R. says:

    I do insanity workout program at home…gym is too expensive and hard to get to with 2 little ones =)

  25. Monica D says:

    Trying to get back to the gym 3 times a week

  26. pricechopper says:

    Congratulations to our grand prize winner, Jennifer Smith, our first place winners, Jodi Carey and Monica Delanoy-Dykeman, and our second place winners, Megan Eiser,Lindsey Adams and Jessica Ortiz!! Thank you all for participating!

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