5 Ways to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

It's not over yet....

The summer months flash by incredibly fast. As cooler days and busier schedules are on the horizon, be sure to take some time to soak up the last of the summer sun. Here are some ideas for seizing the last days of summer and making the moments count.

1. Set Goals

At the start of summer, many have ambitious plans and expectations. If you haven’t done what you set out to do at the beginning of summer, be intentional about how you want to make the most of those last days. Create a list of ways to enjoy summer’s simplest pleasures like eating dinner on the patio, taking a 10-minute walk or going fishing. It can even be as simple as sleeping in a few days each week, as the chances you’ll have to do so in the fall may be limited!

2. Play Tourist for the Day

Have you experienced everything there is to do in your town? If you haven’t, take a day to see things you’ve never seen and do things you’ve never done right in your local area. Whether it’s going to a petting zoo, museum, historical site, bookstore or waterpark, embark on a new adventure.

3. Spontaneous Road Trip

Is it even summer if you haven’t taken a road trip? Some great road trip ideas include amusement parks, lakes, hiking trails, national monuments, or cities you’ve always wanted to visit. Be sure to take your time and smell the flowers on the way! The best part of any road trip is the journey, not the destination.

4. No Obligations

From back-to-school routines and sports activities to holiday festivities, autumn months are filled with numerous obligations. During the last few weeks of summer, clear your schedule and enjoy doing the things that make your soul happy. Whether it’s relaxing at the beach, shopping solo at your favorite stores or journaling at the park, flexibility is critical to experience that sweet summer bliss.

5. Plan a Special Activity

If you want to finish off summer with a bang, plan a special event that friends and family won’t forget. From camping in the backyard, gathering for an outdoor game night (with plenty of fresh appetizers!) to hosting a backyard BBQ, one last hurrah will help you create and savor wonderful summer memories.

No matter how you decide to enjoy the end of the season, be sure to pause and take in these last few weeks of summer; they’ll be gone before you know it!


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