Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Family Giveaway!!

Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Committee and Price Chopper are happy to announce that we are giving away two Family Weekends to the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll!  Lake Placid will be hosting this year’s Fourth Annual Holiday Village Stroll December 9th-11th, 2011.  This destination village is known for its majestic mountain setting and for hosting two Olympic Games.  The two lucky families will be chosen to stay in Lake Placid and enjoy the endless activities, nightlife, shopping, dining, and entertainment throughout this special weekend.  In order to be entered into this giveaway, we are asking you to share with us why this weekend would be meaningful to your family or to a family you know.  Entries must be submitted by Monday, November 14th at 10:00am.  Please post your entry both on our Facebook Page and on our Blog to be qualified.

Some of the highlights of the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll weekend include:

  • Free holiday skating party with free skate rentals
  • Free children’s holiday crafts at High Peaks resort
  • Free Holiday gift wrapping and wine tasting
  • Story time at the Mirror Lake Inn
  • Yule Log Hunt at High Peaks resort
  • Mids Park Holiday Celebration with a tree lighting and Santa
  • Santa’s Arrival in Mids Park
  • Free Gingerbread House at Generations
  • Free Matinee Viewing of Polar Express

One family will win a two night stay at the High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid with breakfast each morning in the Dancing Bears Resturant.  They will also treat the children to milk and cookies and stuffed bears.  Mom & Dad will be treated to some wine and cheese.  This package is valid for the Holiday Village Stroll Weekend (December 9th-11th, 2011).  Check out the High Peaks Resort on Facebook.

A second family will be chosen for a two night stay at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort in Lake Placid.  A special welcome bag will be provided upon arrival.  The Golden Arrow is the only U.S. resort to receive the Audubon 5 Leaf rating (the highest possible) for their eco-friendly practices.  This prize may be redeemed for the Holiday Village Stroll Weekend (December 9th-11th, 2011).  Learn more about the Golden Arrow Resort on their Facebook Page.

“Like” the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Facebook Page to learn more about the weekend events.

Please view the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Weekend Giveaway Contest Official Rules Here.  Contest package awarded to each family is at the discretion of the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Committee.  We cannot accomodate any special requests or changes.

59 responses to “Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Family Giveaway!!”

  1. Katie Orost says:

    With a family of 6 a holiday weekend away would be a tremendous blessing! Too often we get caught up in the daily schedules of work, school, chores, etc and we don’t get to enjoy quality time together relishing in the joys of the holiday season that abound! Thank you for your consideration!

  2. Would be a wonderful family weekend away!!!

  3. Meredith Hines says:

    Would love a weekend at Lake Placid with my family. I grew up in NY but never had the opportunity to travel to Lake Placid. What a wonderful time of year to be there. Sounds like heaven.

  4. Nancy Hales says:

    Wow…To be in Lake Placid, Awesome! My family would never be able to afford this vacation!
    We, as a family, have never been on a vacation together. My poor husband always has to stay home and work beacuse otherwise we could not go on the vacation. He deserves this vacation for all the hard work he does( as well as spending a vacation with his wife and kids).

  5. Keri says:

    I would love a weekend in Lake Placid with my family!!!

  6. Paula Reinhart says:

    With four children we have only been able to have 2 family vacations and my oldest is 16! This would be a wonderful gift to have!

  7. My family just moved to NY not long ago , this would be perfect for us to get to see more of where we live.

  8. beth donnelly says:

    with4 children that span the US..from saratoga>.to georgia>>to LA..all working hard or attending college…this mom would have such a happy heart to share a holiday moment with them..strolling along lake placid!!

  9. We are a family of 4 (2 very outdoor sports-loving boys) who would love a weekend in Lake Placid! And i’d also like to add that i just got home from picking up dinner at Price Chopper ~ i can’t stand Hannaford or Walmart…..they just don’t compare!

  10. We have 3 kids & have lived upstate for 6 yrs & have never been able to afford to visit this area! We would love to get the chance!

  11. Melisa Feinour says:

    Looks like a great place to stay.. Would love to win!! 🙂

  12. Dawn Roberts says:

    We have a family of 5,. With all the problems with cars and bills and having to move, by no choice of our own, after 8 years, this getaway would be such a blessing. I hope we get picked for this one.

  13. Elizabeth Varno says:

    Our first official empty nest leading to the holidays is this year and a special weekend in Lake Placid would be a sparkling way to start the season. Plus,husband loves to ski so what a great gift for him!

  14. Would love to win the weekend getaway. It would be great to spend it with my daughter and 3 grandson’s. They will be moving to Italy next year my Son-in-Law is in the Untied States Air Force and they will be stationed there for 4 yrs. So this will be the last Christmas I will get to spend with my Daughter and Son in law and 3 grandson’s.

  15. Andrea Cook says:

    This would be a perfect weekend away, would love the opportunity to relax and spend time with family!

  16. mckjules says:

    Winning this giveaway would be amazing for my fiance and I as we are looking for a romantic/elegant place for us to have a private wedding ceremony this winter. Lake Placid is one of our first choices as it is a favorite for both of us. Being able to win this package would give us an opportunity to spend a weekend away for just the two of us. We both love the activities taking place at the Holiday Village Stroll and it would give us an opportunity to sight see and visit a few other venue options in the area. We hope to win this opportunity. Thank You!

  17. MARY ANN CAPECE says:

    It would be wonderful for my family to win this weekend away. Working full time and taking care of my Mom who requires full time assistance. A wonderful way to spend the Holiday Season. FAMILY.

  18. Marilyn Fuller says:

    A weekend getaway just before the holidays would be great for my family. My Mom passed away this summer and this would be a great chance for my family and I to get away and relax before the craziness of the upcoming Holiday season.

  19. michelle james says:

    This will be a rough christmas year. My husband has been out of work for over a year so money is so very very tight. A weekend with our 2 boys would mean quality family time and something special for kids

  20. This would be a great trip for our family! Not to far away and in a beautiful location! thanks for this prize offer!

  21. Linda Hartman says:

    My husband is one of the hardest workers I know. He has not had a vacation in over 10 years. He never takes even one personal day off. I’m a stay at home mom and we have 2 sons. We are on one income and a very tight budget and have never had a family vacation. My husband always cashes in his vacation time to help make ends meet. This is the only way I know of that he would be able to take a vacation and for my boys to finally be able to spend time with their dad, something they don’t get too often as he works 6-7 days a week. This would mean more to them than I can even express. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  22. Paulette says:

    With me on disability, my husband working 6-7 days a week, it would be a blessing to spend some time as a family! This trip would be like a dream come true! Thanks for the opportunity to try and win this. God Bless all of you! Merry Christmas!

  23. Mayra says:

    This prize would be a blessing for my family this holiday season. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  24. Joan DiChiara says:

    I know of a young couple who live in the Bainbridge, NY area who just had a baby in July and was born with a condition called giant omphalocele which is a sack locationed on the
    outside of her body that contain many of her organs. Their
    baby has had four operations. This condition happens in
    1-10,000. With all this young couple has gone through they
    do deserve this vacation. We had a benefit for them to
    help with hospital expenses and travel. This would be a
    great surprise for them

  25. Lauri Agnew says:

    My kids have asked 3 years in a row now if we could go on a holiday vacation (after watching Home Alone Lost in NY, lol), but it’s not in the budget.We have never went on a vacation before and this would make for a memorable first! Lake Placid is such a quaint village. I’m sure it would make a permanent impression in their minds to experience some Christmas magic there! We are a family of 5, 3 kids, 2 boys ages 8 & 10 and a 2 year old little girl 🙂 good luck to everyone!!

  26. Jenessa OConnor says:

    my husband and i have 2 little boys (ages 4 and 2) we recently got married in June. we did not get to go on a honeymoon. shortly after our wedding my father became very ill. he is now living with us and it has been nothing but stress for us. a vacation away from it all with just the 4 of us would absolutely be a dream come true! thank you for your consideration

  27. Karen Byron says:

    Lake Placid is such a special place to us. My husband and I go there every year for our anniversary in October and have always wanted to share it with our 3 children. We haven’t ever had the opportunity to do this. My husband works for the New York State Police and we just haven’t ever been able to get up there with our children with his crazy schedule. This weekend would give us that opportunity, and I know they would just love it! We haven’t ever been there in the Winter but our family is so active, I know the kids would be in absolute heaven! My children always beg to go with us but it’s the only time of year we get to do anything alone so they haven’t ever come with us. I would love the opportunity to share this beautiful village with them!

  28. Melissa says:

    With one income and 5 of us we haven’t vacationed since our twins were born. They are fours years old now. We would this weekend getaway to Lake Placid! It sounds perfect!

  29. April Sumner says:

    would love to be entered for this. My 23rd wedding anniversary then and my military grandkids would enjoy it.

  30. Lori says:

    We gave up any holidays so we could move into a rented has been over 8 years since we have vacationed and with my sons getting older harder to hold them down to go with us..i would like one more time to spend with them without worry about money and just enjoy a trip with them…i had been ill and have recently recovered enough so that i am enjoying things again and this would mean alot to my family.

  31. elyse prentiss says:

    I think this would be a wonderdul, stress free weekend for my sister and her family. She’s my big sister and I hate to see her struggle especially since she won’t ask for any help. But for the past year her husband has been layed off and not able to find work. So she has been going to school to better herself, working all day at a local nursing home and at times going straight to the emergency room to work until the late hours of the night just go come back to the nursing home in the morning. I really admire my sister and know our mother would be proud of her. Her husband got a job this week and I know this will be a great experience that they need and deserve.

  32. Emily Jordan says:

    Looking forward to an
    Kid friendly
    Polar Express watching
    All together
    Doing fun holiday things as a family!

  33. DJL says:

    We would love to win this getaway–it would be our first family vacation since having kids. Life is so stressful and it would be awesome to have 48 hours to just focus on our family.

  34. We could use a family getaway of any kind really. How nice would it be to have the whole family together in one place having a great time together. We need this bad. We are all pulled in different directions most days it’s hard to connect. Please let me win!!

  35. A vacation away would be a dream come true. We have recently been awarded custody of my 13 yr granddaughter due to family problems. We could use a vacation away from all the drama that we had to endear for the last 2 years

  36. Judy Defibaugh says:

    It would mean the world to us to go on a holiday weekend away! Making memories are what family is all about & what a better place than Lake Placid. I have been there, however, my three children have not yet been. We’d love to participate in the Holiday Village Stroll!

  37. Jean Newman says:

    After the horrific weather in the CT due to Tropical Storm Irene and Winter Storm Alfred, we sure could use a wonderful vacation away to celebrate Christmas…Our favorite time of the year~

  38. Our grand daughter would love this magical Christmas vacation! She is 5, special needs and we are raising her.

  39. Karen says:

    I would love to see Lake Placid! A vacation would be great!

  40. HeatherS says:

    My family is a crazy bunch of Christmas lovers. We’ve been so bogged down by the everyday blah of work, homework and other obligations that we’ve been faced with lately with this unpredictable economy, a weekend to be together, enjoying Christmas festivities and having the opportunity to love, laugh and enjoy time together during one of our favorite seasons would mean so much to us – especially since we only have just so much time of “believing” left with our munchkins! Our kids would remember this through their family scrapbooks for YEARS and years!

  41. Lisa Squires says:

    As a single Mom getting away with my kids, especially around the holidays is so challenging. I am originally from upstate NY and I would love to share the beauty of the mountains with my kids and get back to what X-mas really is all about. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  42. Nicole Eddy says:

    As a single mother, it is difficult to afford a vacation. My children would absolutely love this, especially seeing how we did not get to take a vacation this past summer. Thank you!

  43. This would be a great winter getaway with my husband and son!

  44. Laura McCormack says:

    We are a family of three who love to spend time together. My husband is a NYC firefighter and is often on a different schedule than my son and I due to work. This Lake Placid weekend would be meaningful for us because it would allow us to be away together and create holiday memories as an entire family – memories that I am sure would last a lifetime. Thank you for this opportunity.

  45. mary says:

    Please enter our family in the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Family Giveaway. With our son now home from serving in Afghanistan, this would make for a wonderful homecoming!

  46. Michelle says:

    A holiday weekend away for me and my family would mean the world to me.

  47. Kimberly A. Taylor says:

    My husband and I went to Lake Placid on our Honeymoon. Now, we have two beautiful boys with which we would love to share our memories of Lake Placid with, while making new ones. We also have never been to Lake Placid during the holiday season…we can’t think of a better holiday gift to give….or hopefully receive. Of course, we would stop at Price Chopper for some snacks for the trip before we go if lucky enough to be chosen. We love Price Chopper and Lake Placid!

  48. This looks AMAZING !!!! We would LOVE to take our foster daughter to this !!! 🙂

  49. katherine meyer says:

    A holiday trip to lake placid would mean alot to my family. We are under alot a pressure during the christmas season we host christmas every year at are house and have 12 people plus 5 dogs stay for 3 days and its a very stressful but also sooooo much fun at the same time. so this trip would mean alot to us as just the 3 of us me my husband and daughter can spend some holiday fun together before the crazinesss begins. We woulld also love to go and visit the price chopper in lake placid and see what there store is like 🙂

  50. Kelly Quinn says:

    A holiday weekend away would mean the world to my family right now. We just found out that my husband will be deploying at the end of next year and will have a bunch of training to complete throughout the year. A weekend like this would let us spend some much need quality time together that we are going to miss out on soon. Thank you!

  51. Diana Austin says:

    A weekend away
    Would make my day
    A little less stress
    No worries or mess
    Gone for a few
    A chance to renew
    A walk in the wood
    Would do us all good

  52. Beth Rhodes says:

    This would be a great opportunity for my family to have a mini vacation since we were unable to get away at all this year due to some family injuries.

  53. This would be a dream come true for us. Husband Bob and his family have given 36 yrs to USAF/109th NYANG – spent many of our holidays serving his country away from his immediate family and our retirement pay does not afford us to spend a weekend in Lake Placid, which we would love to have.

  54. Bob Cote says:

    A weekend to spend with my fiancee and my 3 grandchildren(10, 6, 3) – a great vacation for me and would give their mom and dad some alone time as well.

  55. Liz Hanlon says:

    This sounds like a wonderful weekend away! I would love to win it! Never been to Lake Placid — would love to experience it!!

  56. Dari Twigg says:

    My family and I would love to win this weekend getaway. We have NEVER been able to afford a weekend get away nor a vacation as a whole family since we’ve been a family (8 years). This would mean the world to us, especially to our young boys ages 7 and 3.

  57. Dory Dumas says:

    Being a stay @ home Mom that just started back to work after 2 1/2 yrs, we haven’t yet taken a vacation with our daughter (thanks to an extremely tight budget ).Something this close would be wonderful. I spent 2 yrs in Paul Smith’s “just down the road” and would love to share the Adirondacks with my daughter.

  58. Cheryl Ernst says:

    I have spent the last year as a full-time graduate student to become a nurse practitioner. Living off of student loans has not been fun (despite having 3 jobs) and we don’t know how to afford Christmas this year for my children (6 and 7 years old). This would be a fabulous gift for us from Price Chopper that we could transform into a family memory (and a little stress reduction from a hard working mom, RN, and grad student)

  59. Dorothy Tang says:

    My son is a college freshman near Lake Placid. Here I was, having visions of driving up to see him with home baked goodies on the
    weekends. You can imagine my chagrin when, time after time, he told me he had so much homework and studying to do and that maybe I should stay home and just mail the goodies. Of course his facebook page tells a different story!! I would love the opportunity to spend some time in this beautiful area with my husband and children, since college visits (or lack thereof) haven’t provided me with that opportunity!! Perhaps my son will not have any “studying that weekend and will join us. And maybe, just maybe, HE’LL bring along some fresh baked goodies!!

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