Lake Placid Holiday Stroll Weekend Giveaway!

Holiday Village StrollWe are thrilled to be partnering up again with the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Committee  to give away two family weekends to the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll!  The two lucky families will be chosen to stay in Lake Placid and enjoy the endless activities, nightlife, shopping, dining, and entertainment throughout this special weekend.  In order to be entered into this giveaway, we are asking you to share with us your favorite family holiday tradition.  Entries must be submitted by Sunday, November 10th.  Please post your entry both on our Facebook Page and on our blog to be qualified. One family will win a two night stay at the High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid with breakfast each Holiday Strollmorning.  A second family will be selected to stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Lake Placid with complimentary breakfast each morning!  Both of these packages are valid for the weekend of the Holiday Stroll, December 6th-8th 2013. “Like” the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Facebook Page to learn more about the weekend events. Read official contest rules here.  Contest package awarded to each family is at the discretion of the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll Committee & Price Chopper.  We cannot accommodate any special requests or changes.

88 responses to “Lake Placid Holiday Stroll Weekend Giveaway!”

  1. Jessica says:

    we always go to Albany to see the lights in the park and then to dinner, family time is the best!

  2. kathy d says:

    We love to put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving and bake cookies so we can eat them when we are done decorating.

  3. Kristine Kretzschmar says:

    Every year for the holidays we bake cookies for our friends and neighbors and family. The kids and I will spend two different Saturdays baking and boxing up cookies, and then delivering them . We also have Christmas Eve dinner at our house for the 3 grandmothers and then we all go to church service. On Christmas Day we spend it at my brothers house. All our family is there. For us Christmas is all about doing things together as a family and creating more memories. We also go out abductee the holiday lights too. Would love to win this trip,me pull be another wonderful family tradition.

  4. Kara Hendrick says:

    Christmas Eve we have “Battle of the Hendricks” …starts at noon and we play Monopoly, skipbo, poker and pictionary…. Finger foods, chips and dip and lots of laughs….a day with lots of memories my kids have cherished of years….as they get older and wiser the more fun we have…Can’t wait

  5. Col says:

    Would love win ….

  6. Sheila says:

    We like to go to the Victorian stroll in downtown Troy to take part in the victorian era Christmas themed’s a great time..

  7. Sharlene Jones says:

    Our family’s favorite holiday tradition is actually done on Thanksgiving night. Once dinner is over and the dishes are cleaned up, the entire family (including cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles) all pile together on the sectional sofa and watch Christmas Vacation. We nearly always have to pause the movie several times because we are laughing so hard and to share new funny family anecdotes. Such a good time!

  8. Spending Christmas with my family – presents, movies (usually Elf), and then a nice big dinner.

  9. Whitney says:

    My favorite tradition is opening my stocking… Growing up, it was always my favorite part of Christmas morning! Candy, little trinkets, small wrapped gifts. I’ve carried the tradition on with my boyfriend by knitting his-and-hers stockings and filling his with small goodies like cologne samples and little chocolates.

  10. Monja says:

    Decorating the Christmas Tree and listening to Christmas music!!???

  11. Ann Weller says:

    Can’t wait until the holiday season!

  12. Mary Hannigan says:

    Christmas Eve–pizza and then candlelight Church service –Christmas day with the whole family—breakfast, presents, dinner and more family for later dessert

  13. melissa says:

    Would love to win my youngest is 7 and she would realy enjoy it.

  14. Hilliary perrigo says:

    Having to put three extra large tables together just to fit us all for Christmas and thanksgiving dinner. There is no greater feeling than walking into the house to see the tables pushed together, knowing we will all soon be enjoying great food, family, and all taking turns explaining what we are thankful for. Usually thankful for our odd uncle who never manages to show! It has been an ongoing joke for years!

  15. Monica Boyea says:

    We always decorate the tree together an listen to Christmas music while drinking hot chocolate and having lots of fun and laughs. Dad always put the angel at the peak as the last touch. After we have completed the decorating, we usually read books to our children by the Christmas tree and talk about the real meaning of Christmas.

  16. wendy says:

    we have a family cookie decorating day…. invite a few friends and enjoy the fruits of our labor when we are done!!!

  17. Every year, the Saturday before Christmas, my mom used to take my sister and I to look at all the houses in our home town, and surrounding towns, decorated with the lights and decorations. Now as a step-mother I gather up my step-daughter, pick up hot chocolate and we ride all over looking at the lights. It’s a lovely tradition we have and I hope that she will carry it on when she has children of her own some day.

  18. Judith m burke says:

    Decorating Xmas tree while listening to CHRISTMAS songs sung by country singers

  19. Renee Bellerive says:

    Christmas Eve is the night to celebrate at our house with family and friends…a tradition since 1999 and it’s getting bigger with new little ones that seem to be arriving yearly! I may need a great room addition pretty soon to accomodate! My oldest will be heading off to college in the Spring so any future weekends would mean the world to us 🙂

  20. melissa schwartz says:

    we have many holiday traditions. starting december 1st there are 25 christmas books wrapped under our tree. Each day the kids open one and we read in just before bedtime next to our tree. Another would be getting up early to go find out perfect tree then spend the day decorating it and playing games on every christmas eve the family gathers at grandmas house. She has past on a few years ago shorlty but.her memory is still alive

  21. Christmas to me is my mom. I am 28 years old and I have an older brother and sister-in-law in their 30’s and our mom makes sure that Christmas is special each year. Occasionally, I go with her and my step-father to pick out their tree at Hewitts, and if I’m good my parents treat me to a Betties Cupcake. I then watch as my step-father ever so carefully lays the tinsel on the tree and my mother decorates their house. It’s a work of art that Martha Stewart would be proud of. Christmas day my brother, sister-in-law and I go to our parents’ house to have a delicious meal that my mother cooks and to exchange gifts. Even though we are as old as we are, our mother still gives us each an ornament iwth our name on it. Then we watch A Christmas Story marathon or leave the Yule Log on, just enjoying each other’s company, or making fun of my mother. No matter how hard we try, we can never get my mother to get a gift for me that I like, and it’s been a running joke in our family, to see what I get each year. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, even though I tease her a lot, I am just happy that she still decorates the hosue adn keeps up our Christmas tradition even though we are as old as we are and will soon have families of our own.

  22. Heather Sovie says:

    Every year since our daughters were born we get up early on Christmas morning and go to my husbands grandfathers house. He has since passed but the tradition continues all the aunts uncles cousins and family friends get together and do gifts food and a family toast to another year of health and family. The Sovie’s

  23. […] your favorite holiday tradition you share with your family? Tell us below (via facebook) and on our blog for the chance to win a family weekend getaway to the Lake Placid Holiday Village Stroll! The […]

  24. Michelle says:

    Some of the most simple holiday treats are my favorite traditions. Homemade fudge, buckeyes and dips. Wearing new pajamas on Christmas Day while watching A Christmas Story multiple times with great company. Not to mention all the beautiful Christmas lights everyone puts up! This year I look forward to incorporating and creating new traditions with our new baby boy we are adopting.

  25. Stephanie Cournoyer says:

    I always look forward to cutting down a tree and decorating while playing Christmas music… It’s when my little ones start to really get excited about the holiday season.

  26. DiAnne Scott says:

    Love to cook So will do all my food shopping at Price Chopper and bake and cook ahead of time so when Christmas is close will be able to relax and see friends and family,We always decorate the tree together an listening to Christmas music and share the food that I cooked and Bake. And able to have a nice get together with my family knowing that I did it with lots of LOVE..for all us.

  27. Wanda Parks says:

    Our family (cousins) love to make up “Santa Sacks” for Christmas Eve delivery. They are small bags filled with candy bars, popcorn, cookies, toys, etc. We all put on our pajamas, drive around to our friends’ houses, put the bags on their front steps, Ring the doorbell and sprint back to our hidden car… giggling all the way! We try to finish by 2:00am when we return to our house for hot chocolate. We open one present, then off to bed. EVERYONE sleeps in late, on Christmas morning. Then we wake up to celebrate the true Joy of the Season!
    PS. We started this tradition after the passing of our favorite Uncle. We just could NOT just sit around and cry about how much we missed him. We wanted to celebrate his life with the kind of Joy that he embodied EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  28. Ilyssa says:

    Helping others makes our Christmas really special. Each year, my family “adopts” a child to purchase gifts for. The whole family thinks about what our little girl or boy may want, and we all choose a few gifts for him or her. We make homemade cards and crafts to include in our gift too. We strive to add a personal touch and really bless the child we’ve chosen.

    It reminds us that Christmas is not about getting, but giving. We get the feeling of true joy when we help another person. There is no feeling in the world like it. In blessing another, we bless ourselves.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. This is my first year as a married woman so I’m looking forward to creating new memories and traditions with my husband!

  30. Our Family trdition was a little different because my dad had to work the overnight shift. It made us appreciate the value of having a family and especially greatful for one another! Our tradition started Christmas Eve afternoon where us girls would get all dressed up for Christmas Eve service at our church which led to a wonderful family gathering for all. We all shared our through the year stories and experiences. Once everyone was getting sleepy eyed we headed home where we all got to open our Christmas gifts early before my dad had to go to work. On Christmas morning my father was able to catch up on his sleep while a huge dinner was prepared and everyone was admiring and playing with new toys. 🙂 Snow just makes it more beautiful. Family is amazing!!

  31. Rebecca Roberts says:

    My children leaving cookies out for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer!

  32. Andrea Heath says:

    trimming the tree together has always been something we look forward to. we bake cookies and TRY to string popcorn and have a big meal together. This year the kids have moved away so it will be sad if they dont at least call while we work on the tree

  33. Michelle LeClair says:

    Christmas Eve with finger foods, niece and nephews opening their presents.

  34. LINDA MCCANN says:

    We begin with a three day visit for Thanksgiving with my 88 yr old Mom in law and on Thanksgiving day go to a nice restaurant so everyone can enjoy the meal & then Black Friday we decorate the tree which may take a couple days following that we enjoy family parties & gift exchanges, on Christmas Eve we join our family for a celebration dinner and open our stockings, on Christmas Day we enjoy dinner at my home spending the day with our loved ones and counting our blessings. We ask for Peace on Earth, health, happiness & prosperity for the community of the World!! Happy Holidays!

  35. Mary Ramo says:

    Making holiday cookies with the kids to share with all of the neighbors. Half of the joy is seeing the kids bring the plates of goodies over to our “neighborhood family”

  36. My daughter and I always bake Christmas cookies and go to Christmas Eve service and then, when we come home we open one gift each before going to sleep. Being a single mother this makes for a wonderful bonding experience. It’s something I truly look forward to every year!

  37. michele says:

    Since its just my daughters and I now. We start Christmas Day with a nice breakfast then presents. We spend the afternoon at the cemetery visiting my mom and brother who passed away a year ago this month. My mom passed in 2001. We take down decorations and spend the time remembering Christmas’s from the past when we where all together.

  38. Phyllis says:

    We spend usually spend Thanksgiving with family in Beverly Hills CA.
    It is surreal to be sitting by the pool being fed appetizers by waiters in uniform and drinking champagne. I am looking forward to a down to earth Thanksgiving this year with just our immediate family. I will cook , serve and happily clean up!

  39. Mary McGuire says:

    Getting together the night before Christmas for Church, dinner and pre-gifts… Starting after thanksgiving watching all holiday movies- The Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation my favs

  40. Dawn Wassworth says:

    Our favorite holiday tradition in our home is that every year when we put up the Christmas Tree . We all make sure that it’s done together as a family and my boys take turns putting on there favorite ornaments . Ten afterwords instead of cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve we get together and make a gingerbread house and that’s what we leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve after the boys get there special Christmas Eve gift ! Love the looks on children’s faces at Christmas time !

  41. Jean Segina says:

    Our family has always had a tradition of all of the kids going shopping with Dad (we have 5) for gifts for Mom and lunch out, etc…it takes all day. “Santa” does a lot of wrapping, and prep work while they are out of the house. We also bake, sled, and decorate together. Traditions are so important at our house that we actually have a book with them written down so that we never forget!


    we started a new tradition after our parents passed away- every Thanksgiving we pick a family member who we are thankfull for – the family member who is choosen does not know-we tell them it is someone else .then each of must write a letter to them- we tell them why we choose them and what they mean to us,we may put in funny stories or just how they make our lives better- they read each letter out load -we as a family have grown closer to each outher becuse of this new tradition -we want everyone to know how important they are to us while they are still with us <3

  43. TAMARA SERRAO says:

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is on Christmas Eve, the entire family gets together for Dinner and we all eat Pomegranate after (which I buy from Price Chopper) and spend time together before exchanging gifts!! I love the fact that most of the gifts i purchase are right at the front of the Price Chopper store….almost every kind of gift cards you can think of Thanks for the chance at this trip, it would be a blessing to my husband and I

  44. Erina says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cookies with the kids and also building gingerbread houses. We always do a variety of cookies and candy and the kids love to be a part of it from mixing to rolling out the dough to decorating them just the way they think Santa will like them. They always leave a plate ful of cookies and either chocolate milk or hot chocolate for Santa and a plate of carrots for the reindeer.

  45. jjohn schiskie says:

    I come from a family of 11, we never spend holidays together I mean we never get”s sad when life is so short . I have one sister that tries her best she is always there with a meal for someone less fortunate. she is a saint.

  46. Laura Perfetti says:

    The day we cut down our Christmas tree, we come back home, build a fire, set up our Lionel trains and decorate the tree in our thermal underwear, dancing and singing Christmas carols! My husband, three year old son and one year old son have a blast while I always take their pictures.

  47. kjamack says:

    I always love to watch the Christmas story on repeat on tbs and wrap Christmas presents pretty

  48. Jean Putnam says:

    Jean Putnam The excitement in my daughters eyes when she goes to bed in anticipation of Santa’s visit. Christmas is just so magical for children. This year our family grew to four so this year we are very excited to share the traditions with our daughter and our son.

  49. Lisa says:

    Baking Christmas cookies with Grandma.Even with kids going off to college,everyone makes time for this! 🙂

  50. laura carnevale says:

    We always cut our own Christmas tree every year. No matter how cold it is. Sometimes it snows and that is pretty magical.

  51. Jodi says:

    December is always a month of special traditions and fun for our family. We drive to the Hewitt’s in Clifton Park to select our tree, as the kids love walking through the “winter wonderland” of lights & moving characters inside. After hefting the tree off the car and cutting it down to size (we always seem to get one that’s too tall), we unwrap the ornaments and reminisce about Christmases past as we hang them on the tree with Christmas music playing the background.

  52. Melisa Feinour says:

    When my children were small I wanted to start a family tradition with them but I wanted to make sure they knew that Christmas was more than getting presents. I wanted them to learn how to give to others. Every year we pick a charity to assist. For the past couple of years, we have helped peel potatoes for the annual Equinox Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing better than getting blisters knowing that you are helping others. We also make sure that we catch the Canadian Pacific train with our donations. A couple weeks before Christmas I take the kids to the store and we pick a few mittens off the tree and purchase a few gifts for the child that is listed on the mittens. We really enjoy doing this and the best part is we do this as a family with no cell phones allowed!!

  53. Sue Mott says:

    Every Christmas eve our family makes a large thermos of hot cocoa and Xmas cookies, we get in the car and drive all over looking at the Xmas lights in various neighborhoods. We exchange conversations and say what we are thankful for and blessed for. It gives us the spirit of Xmas….

  54. Denise Smith says:

    My favorite christmas tradition is when the kids my mom and myself go to a tree farm and tag our trees then in November all of us go up and cut the trees down get then wrapped and have a cup of hot cocoa and candy canes with the owners

  55. joan smith says:

    since I was little, New Years Day was spent watching the Rose Bowl Parade in our pajamas & eating my mom’s homemade sweet rolls. I’ve passed this tradition down to my kids (although I can’t make them as good as my mom did). This year will be extremely bittersweet – my husband of almost 24 years died this past May of a fatal heart attack. But my 4 kids & myself will “really” be watching the Rose Bowl Parade – but not in our pajamas & eating sweet rolls. My husband’s being honored by the Center for Donation & Transplant – his floragraph will be part of their float (we donated his organs upon his death) & we are going to Pasadena to be there.

  56. Kimberly Taylor says:

    One of the best gifts many families give each other during the Holiday season is that of memories. During the holidays families create new memories. The holidays are also the perfect time to reminesce with memories of the past. There are many ways to capture memories — from stories to photos to our time honored tradition — Christmas Ornaments. For my family, the best way to connect and reminesce occurs every year — the weekend after Thanksgiving when we decorate our tree. My children and I spend a great deal of time rediscovering the wonderful and diverse Christmas ornaments we have gathered through the years. For my family, each ornament has a story and a memory. Every ornament on our tree was carefully and thoughtfully selected — each ornament must represent one of us and tell a story. From ornaments marking significant milestones, from my marriage 16 years-ago which is symbolized in a personalized wedding cake ornament my husband and I obtained in Lake Placid on our honeymoon, to ornaments highlighting the births of our two boys, to ornaments which document the evolution of our children from their changing interests through the years. The Sesame Street ornaments from their toddler years, the toy truck vehicles which were selected during elementary school, to my sons’ current favorite ornaments. My older son is represented on our tree with ornaments for bowling, video games, and an Ipod. All items which show that yes, my oldest son is now a “teenager.” My younger son loves music and his personality speaks loud and clear upon looking at our tree with ornaments of instruments and even ornaments which appeal to the sense of sound — playing Christmas music. Our tree and it’s ornaments shows who we were — through the years by proudly displaying our interests, and vacations — (we always make sure we get an ornament to mark each place we visit) — to who we are today. There are ornaments from my and my husband’s childhoods. Mine is a now 40 something year-old gingerbread man. If you don’t know my family, take a look at our Christmas tree. The ornaments on our tree will let you know the story of our family as it has unfolded through the years. Of course, every year a few new ornaments are added to keep our story going. When my sons get older, I will be happy to pass these ornaments on to them — along with their memories. This is a treasured tradition — which will continue on for years to come. As Lake Placid is represented on our tree from our honeymoon, to special trips through the years, it would be so touching and memorable to go to the Holiday Stroll there and pick up another ornament to add to our tree — another memory — another holiday and tradition which not only celebrates the present but will continue on to serve as a beautiful tribute to our family’s past. I am sure many others share this tradition — whether they recognize that they are doing it or not — if you don’t — I invite you to take part with your family and you will never look at a Christmas tree the same way again. You will see beyond the beautiful tree and understand that the tree is a narrator — it tells a story — and by doing so it unites years, generations and families — a priceless tradition.

  57. Emily says:

    Our special celebration is Polish Christmas Eve where we take turns sharing oplatki (wafer) with each person. We have been doing it since I was a little girl and now my own children get to continue the tradition! The whole process takes quite awhile (you go from oldest to youngest with 3 generations) which makes us really ready to enjoy the delicious Polish food after too : ) Wonderful family memories!

  58. Debbie Aubertine says:

    When my children were younger we would all get dressed up for the candle light Christmas Eve church service. After that the kids would race home to get into their new Christmas pajamas. Then we would sit around the livingroom with only the Christmas tree lights on and watch a Christmas movie and eat Christmas cookies and hot cocoa! Loved those times! <3

  59. Diane Berg says:

    Thanksgiving really is the start of our holiday season. First off we start by going to our local Price Chopper. While enjoying all the hustle and bustle of all the shoppers, we get all our needs for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey, all the trimmings. All our baking needs for pies and goodies. We also get all the items needed from our Christmas cookies list that we have chosen to bake. We make it a tradition to purchase items for the local food pantry. While cooking the turkey dinner we have to watch the Macy’s Day Parade. The Thanksgiving Dinner is enjoyed by all the children and grandchildren. As well as our two family dogs who have to have some leftovers!!! It is tradition for everyone to return about 9 pm for turkey sandwiches. That is a must. They all look forward to that. Black Friday, we do not shop. We spend the day baking all the Christmas cookies, putting up the Christmas tree and just enjoy our family time immensely. And it all is started with our Holiday shopping trip to Price Chopper for all our needs. Thank you Price Chopper for having all the quality items we need all at great prices.

    • Diane Berg says:

      Thanksgiving really is the start of our holiday season. First off we start by going to our local Price Chopper. While enjoying all the hustle and bustle of all the shoppers, we get all our needs for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey, all the trimmings. All our baking needs for pies and goodies. We also get all the items needed from our Christmas cookies list that we have chosen to bake. We make it a tradition to purchase items for the local food pantry. While cooking the turkey dinner we have to watch the Macy’s Day Parade. The Thanksgiving Dinner is enjoyed by all the children and grandchildren. As well as our two family dogs who have to have some leftovers!!! It is tradition for everyone to return about 9 pm for turkey sandwiches. That is a must. They all look forward to that. Black Friday, we do not shop. We spend the day baking all the Christmas cookies, putting up the Christmas tree and just enjoy our family time immensely. And it all is started with our Holiday shopping trip to Price Chopper for all our needs. Thank you Price Chopper for having all the quality items we need all at great prices.

  60. Lynn Corbett says:

    As our family has gotten smaller over the years, a lot of our traditions seem to have fallen by the wayside. I am hoping to start some new ones with my daughter and my first grandchild next Christmas. Winning this would be a beautiful way to start one with my daughter before she has her baby.

  61. For the 47 years I have been alive, my family’s strongest tradition has been gathering at my parent’s house to exchange gifts and have a family Christmas Dinner together on Christmas Day. But before that, on the Eve – we as kids were allowed to open one gift which coincidentally was always pajamas. My children are now in their late 20’s and my mother in her 80’s – we live next to her and take care of her, the family traditions remain strong. We exchange our gifts at Mom’s and all move next door to my home to celebrate the holiday meal together. It sure is ALOT of work but the memories it has created and continue to live on are PRICELESS!!!

  62. Tara Gallant says:

    We always have Christmas breakfast. It use to be at my Grandma’s house with all of my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins but now that everybody has their own families there’s too many of us. We still do breakfast but at my parents house instead but Grandma still comes over the night before and stays the night. I now have a 2yr old of my own and one on the way and hope to continue this tradition with them!

  63. Crystal Derico says:

    Thanksgiving week really kicks off the holidays for our family. We host Thanksgiving dinner for our whole family, and the following day we go to McDonoughs Christmas Tree Farm and get our tree. Picking out our Christmas tree is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Everyone loves it, and everyone has an opinion. All the excitement and promise of Christmas joy is ahead of us.

  64. at christmas we get together with the whole family, have a big meal and do a lot of reminicing and catching up on christmas eve christmas am we do breakfast at my dads dinner at my house and gifts vary from year to year and all that great christmas music

  65. jean says:

    I love Christmas . I love going to Church and spending time with all of our family. I think the best part is seeing my childrens face light up with joy.

  66. Barbara Barras says:

    Actually, we are searching for a holiday tradition for our new family. (these stories have been inspiring). My husband and I have been the single ones/ones without kids for a long time so we have always just travelled to our families in Massachusetts. This year, we have decided that we will stay home with our 2 1/2 year old and start a new tradition for our family. Our first order of tradition is to WAKE UP AT HOME! I really want to see my daughters face when she comes downstairs. So I guess, I don’t really know what our tradition will be…but we are really looking forward to getting started. (as a young girl, I remember that as the youngest in the family I had to be the one to go in and try to wake up my parents. and every year, my mother would put me in a (loving) headlock until I had squirmed and finally just got comfy and cuddled up with my parents and fell back to sleep. I’m still not sure why my brother and sister sent ME in…because it was the same every year. I fell back to sleep…and I’m guessing they probably did too while they were waiting for me)

  67. fran says:

    The day after Thanksgiving we begin the process of putting up our christmas decorations. Usually by saturday night the tree is ready for the ornaments.We bake cookies and serve h ordeves and eggnog while we trim the tree together

  68. Sarah Coburn says:

    We are a young family with three daughters and have begun creating memories of our own. For the last 4 years we have traveled to lake placid, stayed at the high peaks, took part in many of the holiday stroll activities (story time, craft making, gingerbread houses, hockey games, shopping, etc.) on Saturday, and journey over to Santa’s workshop on Sunday morning to see Santa and the reindeer. This get away allows us to kick off the holiday season, get into the spirit and have time away from home (and all of the distractions) to focus on us! Such a wonderfully warm, fabulous and entertaining weekend. It has become our own family tradition!

  69. Tamara Sigond says:

    We have several…must visit the lights in the park right after thanksgiving, go to Radio city music hall to see the Christmas Show, go to Oscar’s smoke house the week before to buy goodies for gift baskets watch christmas movies every night…love December!

  70. Alesa Maguire says:

    My mother baked cookies, trimmed the tree and decorated the house with my sister and me while we listened to the Brenda Lee’s. Christmas album. When my children were growing up, we baked cookies, trimmed the tree and decorated the house while listening to Brenda Lee’s Christmas CD. When they became adults they received the Brenda Lee Christmas CD in their stocking so that they could carry on the tradition and play it for their children during the holidays.

  71. Janicemarie Lipinski says:

    Christmas is complete once our family sets out for our “real tree”. First, you must understand, our cape cod home is adorned with six artificial trees. Bedrooms, kitchen, and dining room all graced in the glow of twinkle lights. The family room waits. It waits-for the smell, the sticky sap and the completeness of a real tree.
    Our journey begins with piling everyone in the car, bundled beyond reason and recognition, Gloves, scarves, and hats, atop long john layers. Cocoa and cookies on board, carols playing and family karaoke fun. The hunt is on for the tree which will fit us just right. We drive tree farm to possibly tree farm (if lucky 2 farms not 4- that would be ridiculous, but done before). We are not seeking perfection. We are seeking a tree for us. The tree will not be glowing with Christmas lights. It will be holding all of our handmade ornaments, projects from school, and craft fun in the winter afternoons. Popcorn strings and glorious strands of icicles to top it off. Our Charlie Brown tree will be too short and probably too wide for the space. Our Lipinski family tree is my favorite holiday tradition.

  72. dawn bennett says:

    We do Thanksgiving on Thursday for the family that can get here and then we do a second thanksgiving with the biggest turkey we can find at Price Chopper on Saturday with all of our family and friends

  73. Esther Peterson says:

    Esther Peterson My favorite Holiday new tradition we just started it last year was we used to get together on Christmas eve. well when Christmas falls during the week my husband and I both have to work the day after Christmas which leads to clock watching and trying to make sure we have fun but not so much that it runs too late and then we are tired all day Christmas and we are exhausted for work.. We have decided to make an all day and into the night event the Saturday before Christmas, no rush just time to really enjoy all the other traditions of the Kids going out for the Santa ride (so the adults can get the presents under the tree) the kids look for santa then after the appropriate time the adult with the kids bring them back to the house and they are surprised to see Santa has come. adults pretend to be asleep and shocked when they wake up to find that santa had come. Then the real fun begins… My niece is 20 and she loves the santa ride. Last year she drove the kids It is awesome, we talk about our parents and tell our kids some of the crazy things we did when mom and dad were alive. WE know they are there with us… Christmas was always so wonderful, no matter how little my parents had, we always celebrated Christmas. they always made sure we knew the true meaning of the holiday no matter what was under the tree that the importance was what was in our hearts and What Christmas was to celebrate. I love putting out my nativity set and telling my seven year old the story of Christ’s birth, as my mom did with me.

  74. Tamara Rowe says:

    Our Holiday tradition starts on Thanksgiving we all wake up and watch the Macy’s parade, watch the dog show, and of course football while we prepare a traditional dinner. The day after (black Friday) we all go, even my grown son, to cut down our Christmas tree and that kicks off our holiday season of decorating, lights in the park, cookies, and holiday movies. The holidays are all about spending time with the ones you love, following traditions, and making new memories.

  75. Giovanna Colosi says:

    We have a big Italian family and we have the feast of the 7 fishes on Christmas Eve. We go to midnight mass and then open presents. Christmas day it’s Pajamas’s and left-overs we our loved ones!

  76. Linda Marquis says:

    Living away from home since I married has made going home for Christmas all that more special. Our biggest tradition has been the “Feast of the Seven Fishes” at my Nonne’s house since I was a young girl. When my Nonne passed away my Uncle kept the tradition up. Although the numbers have dwindled over the years it still is a special night for our family. Our children have always traveled for Christmas which means never waking up in the morning at their own house but they say they wouldn’t miss Christmas eve at Nonne’s. They are adults now and try to make it home for this special night. I wish we could spend the whole month of December with our family in New England. We make the most of the moments we have and that’s what the holidays are all about! Merry Christmas!

  77. Carol Douglass says:

    As the grand kids got older , I was looking for something different to do, besides eating a big meal and sitting around watching TV. We usually celebrate the weekend after Christmas, so my new tradition works out rather well. Last year I organized a Christmas scavenger and photo hunt, and what a great time everyone had. The crew insists it become an annual tradition. Not only did the family enjoy it, but they had to involve the public and everyone was enjoying the adventure I sent them on. Now I just have to come up with ideas to top last year.

  78. Christina B says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to my brothers house and having a big dinner with the family, opening gifts and making crafts

  79. Suzanne Wells says:

    Every since my children have been little we have a tradition where each child picked an angel off the tree to buy gifts for ( and the kids pay with there own money.), We also donate all our almost new toys to a charity that distributes them to a family in need. In November we enjoy our “Black Friday” excursion and even the 12 year old participated last year, and then into December we make a family remembrance tree for all the relatives who have gone before us, with homemade ornaments and we take a family trip to the graves and put wreaths up for them. Our Christmas Eve is when we all get together and have a wonderful dinner followed by gifts and a family game and lots of memories. We have been doing these traditions forever and I wouldnt change a thing.

  80. Erin Webster says:

    Our family of five always cut down our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Decorate while listening to the golden oldies of Christmas time. Then the countdown begins with mini-crafts every morning once the children wake to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we wear our pj’s while having “Breakfast for Dinner”. We snuggle in for a fire and roasted chestnuts while reading The Polar Express. These are the traditions my faily has set forth as well as incoporating the traditions from the past.

  81. Erika Fallon says:

    My children and I wanted to make Christmas about giving, about what it’s supposed to be about. So this year we are making meals for the elderly that live on our street. With dessert! We try to do something different every year in the spirit of giving. Last year we donated food to our church for the local foodbank. The year before that we picked two children’s names off of the Christmas tree at church and bought them gifts 1 thing they wanted and 1 thing they needed. The kids love this! Having Triplets has really forced me to be extra creative!

  82. Pam says:

    Every year we do an advent calendar of events. We make homemade gifts, watch Christmas movies, go Christmas caroling, make cookies for our neighbors, etc. But by far, our family’s favorite is doing Random Acts of Kindness. We do a different act once a week starting on Thanksgiving Day, and finish on Christmas morning. We buy gift cards and leave them in random mailboxes, leave money with notes in random library books, make Christmas cards and leave them on windshields of people’s cars in parking lots, place quarters in baggies taped to washing machines in laundry mats, etc. We finish by leaving bags of wrapped presents on people’s doorsteps on Christmas morning. We place the bags on the front step, ring the bell and run away. The best is when you hide a bit away and you can see people’s faces as they open the door. Truly amazing.

  83. Kayla spooner says:

    When I was born many years ago, my grandparents “invented” our family tradition, known as the Santa Sack. The grand kids of the family would make or buy one special present for each family member to put in the “sack”. It usually consisted of going to the dollar store with a list and buying a dish cloth for Mom and some nail polish for an Aunt, we would wrap the little gifts and hand them
    Out on Christmas Eve. For the past five years, since a great-granddaughter was born, the tradition was passed on to her. It’s something very special that we do every single year and is something that will be passed along for generations to come. Also, my Favorite tradition for Christmas Eve is that my grandmother makes me sliders ever Christmas Eve, they are a form of Chicken and dumplings, but something I’ve only had one day a year since I could eat them! It’s the special little memories that will always be in our hearts.

  84. Kelly says:

    I love Christmas brunch with the whole family. We usually have our Christmas brunch either the Saturday before Christmas or the Saturday after so that everyone can make it. I also like Christmas morning. I cook breakfast for my parents on Christmas morning & the time in the kitchen chatting with my mom & teaching my daughter how to cook is the best part of that morning.

  85. Ann Marie Stelma Graff says:

    Our family has a number of holiday traditions…but my favorite is baking pies for Thanksgiving dinner. All the women in our family get together on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and spend the day baking pies, enjoying each others company and of course making new memories. It is a tradition that started about 15 years ago, and is still going strong.

  86. pricechopper says:

    Congratulations to our winners of this year’s Holiday Stroll giveaway- Pam Mandsager and Melissa Collins. Thanks to everyone who participated- we loved hearing about your traditions!

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