June DIY Rainbow Craft

Grab the kids, the paints and get ready to finger-paint in a whole new way!

What do you need?

• 1 white apron per child
• Purple paint
• Blue paint
• Green paint
• Yellow paint
• Orange paint
• Red paint
• White paint
• A paper plate or palette (preferably one per child)
• Water
• Paper towel or rag 


  1. I recommend you put down a covering on the table before you begin the project to protect your surface as the paint can seep through the apron.
  2. Dip your thumb or finger into the purple paint and begin to create a rainbow arch starting with the smallest arch of the rainbow.
  3. Wash or rinse and dry that thumb or finger before dipping into the next color of paint.
  4. Just like the video, add the rest of the colorful rainbow arches: blue, green, yellow, orange and red.  Don’t forget to wash/rinse your fingers between each color.
  5. You can let your rainbow dry before adding your clouds or you can do what I do, which is add the clouds right away.  I like pulling some of the colors of the rainbow down into the puffy clouds like the video demonstrates – the option is yours!
  6. Optional:  Add your name or words to the project like ‘Hope’,  ‘Joy’, etc.
  7. Let it dry completely before wearing.

Your DIY Rainbow Craft apron is great to use as a smock for crafts, a smock for gardening or an apron for recipe making!

Rainbow Arch: If you have an independent child that wants to do it all or a young child that needs help with the arches of a rainbow, simply use a medal compass with a pencil to create the arches of the rainbow for them to follow.  You can even put one dot of each color at the start of an arch so follow the colors or let them go free spirit. It’s good either way!

The Paints:  The best paint to use for this project is fabric paint.  However, you can use other permanent paint options like an acrylic craft paint, which just makes the area on the apron of your finger printed rainbow a little stiffer.  Your apron will still be colorful, wonderful and useful!

Don’t Forget:  Don’t forget to put on a smock, an apron, an old t-shirt or play clothes before doing this project.  The paint will not come off of your clothes if it gets on them in the rainbow making process!

Now What? 

Grab your aprons and join me in making recipes at the Price Chopper/Market 32 Kids Cooking Club!  We have all kinds of delicious recipes!  Coming soon…I will be introducing a no-rise dough pizza making activity for kids that coordinates with both the Kids Cooking Club and my book Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden. 

This rainbow apron is easy and fun to make, and you can view it here


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