Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


bumblebee7solidwhitealbacoBumble Bee Heritage Pack Tuna satisfies consumers’ demand for simple, healthy, high-quality branded seafood products that hearken back to simpler times.  The Heritage Pack tuna products utilize the highest quality albacore and yellowfin tuna with no additives or preservatives, resulting in a clean ingredient statement: Tuna, Spring Water, Salt. The line includes 7 oz. cans of Solid White Albacore and Solid Light Tuna, both packed in Spring Water. The Bumble Bee Heritage Pack helps contribute to a more nutritious diet by offering products that are uncomplicated, trustworthy and better-for-you. Genuine tuna.  Just as simple and wholesome today as it was yesterday.  Look for Bumble Bee Heritage Pack in the Canned Tuna section!


Quantum_AAA_productpageIntroducing new Duracell Quantum, the world’s #1 more advanced alkaline battery.  The breakthrough technology in Quantum’s Hi-Density Core uses a proprietary compression process and unique formulation of ingredients to pack more advanced power into the same size battery.  With more power boosters and improved energy flow throughout the battery, Quantum provides unbeatable long-lasting alkaline 0power for both high and low drain devices.
  • Unique Fuel, exclusive Materials with Superior Longevity
  • Duralock Power Preserve Technology that has a 10 Year Guarantee in Storage
  • Improved Power Check; Premium Indication using exclusive materials
  • Only brand with on cell power indicator that’s calibrated for better accuracy
AA and AAA sizes available in 2 count, 6 count and 12 count.  Look for Duracell Quantum Battery on the Battery rack!

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