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Written by Jane N. Golub
Director In-Store Marketing Programs


Olympus is an authentic Greek strained yogurt made from the traditional recipe and ingredients.  Their product has an incredibly thick and velvety rich texture and is made with pasteurized milk, cream and strained yogurt cultures.


Available in Plain, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach and Honey, Olympus yogurts are a dessert treat that is in a class by itself.  Olympus yogurts are gluten-free, Grade A certified and Kosher – with only 0% – 1% fat.

One taste of Olympus Yogurt with its lively satisfying flavors and you will know why the only true yogurt comes from Greece.  Enjoy!  Look for Olympus in the Dairy aisle or visit http://www.olympusdairyusa.com/ for more information.


Hidden Valley for Everything Topping and Dip

Fries have a new best friend and burgers never tasted better.  Hidden Valley is taking tabletops by storm as the national new family favorite.  More and more, people are reaching for a squeeze of the cool, creamy flavor of Ranch instead of the red stuff.  Hidden Valley for Everything Topping and Dip is ultra-thick, so it’s perfect for dipping fries, topping wings or spreading on burgers.  And it’s gluten-free, so every member of your family can feel free to give their favorite foods a delectable upgrade.

Try  it in delicious Original Ranch flavor – or, to add a perfect punch to foods like tortilla ships and quesadillas, select Salsa Ranch flavor.  Either way, Hidden Valley for Everything Topping and Dip is bound to become a king among condiments!

To get more information about this new and exciting product, visit http://www.hiddenvalley.com/products/hidden-valley-ranch-for-everything/

Find Hidden Valley for Everything Topping and Dip in the Ketchup aisle.

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