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Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs December 24, 2017 Introducing the NEW Hatfield 1# Hardwood Smoked Uncured Stack Pack Bacon, which has no added preservatives or hormones and is All Natural.  Uncured Natural is quickly becoming the New Standard.  Uncured means Natural and Natural means Opportunity.hatfielduncuredbacon16oz Hatfield is taking that opportunity to be in the forefront of delivering on the natural trend of products designed to meet consumer needs.  Today’s health conscious consumers are searching for healthier and natural choices.  75% of today’s consumers find it important to recognize the ingredients used in products and say that Natural is important to them. Hatfield’s introduction of uncured items into the marketplace establishes them as a leader and innovator in bringing healthy, better-for-you products to the concerned and scrutinizing consumer. Look for Hatfield 1# Hardwood Smoked Uncured Stack Pack Bacon in the Smoked Meat section.

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