Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs July 16, 2017


If your family loves incredibly flavorful rice meals, there’s something new you have to try! Introducing UNCLE BEN’S Flavor Infusions, a new line of convenient and delicious rice products.  Leave it to the UNCLE BEN’s brand to find a way to infuse incredible flavor into every grain.  That means there’s no need for a flavor packet!  Each resealable pouch has 8 servings – and cooks to mouthwatering perfection in only 10 minutes.Uncle Bens There are 5 tempting varieties to choose from, including Chicken & Herb, Garlic & Butter and Roasted Chicken.  UNCLE BEN’S Flavor Infusions are perfect as a side dish or in a one-pan meal.  You’ll find great recipes at UncleBens.com/recipes. Getting hungry?  Look for UNCLE BEN’S Flavor Infusions in the Rice aisle

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